X-Rated Xmas: Fill Their Stocking With Sex

Give your lover a reason to be Merry!

Spice up your love life this Christmas with a range of naughty stocking fillers. There is a cheeky gift to suit everyone and the right one can ensure both you and your partner have a very merry Christmas! Discover some of the best, and most affordable, sexy stocking filler ideas.

1. Handcuffs, blindfold and tape

Want to get their heart racing in anticipation? Handcuffs, a blindfold and tape will certainly do the trick! If your lover has a fantasy of being blindfolded and tied up, this is the perfect mischievous Christmas gift. If you and your partner never tried it then now could be the perfect time to introduce it and see what all of the fuss is about. Make sure you discuss your idea with your partner first, though, to avoid any conflicting interest!

2. Toys for her

There are many sex toys on the market for women – meaning there’s no excuse not to give her exactly what she wants this Christmas. For the perfect naughty stocking filler for the special lady in your life, a sex toy is a fantastic option. Vibrators or a dildo may be the obvious choice but it’s worth looking at other toys too. Durex have a range of smaller, more discreet, but by no means less intense, vibrating toys to offer.

3. Toys for him

If you’re buying for the man in your life, there are also a range of toys designed with males in mind. A cock ring is perfect to put in his stocking and it can bring both of you a lot of pleasure.

4. Kinky cards

Everyone loves games at Christmas and kinky cards are an affordable, fun and cheeky stocking filler. Each little card features a question or a task that the reader has to carry out. Some cards are far naughtier than others and it’s exciting discovering what comes next.

5. Adult board games

There are many different adult board games on the market, too. If you’re tired of the same old Christmas board games then an adult version is just what you and your lover need. You certainly won’t get bored as you roll the dice and follow the raunchy instructions…

6. Love dice

Love dice are cheap, fun and can bring a lot of pleasure. They typically come in packs of two. One has various actions listed, while the other has a list of body parts. Roll both dice and they will tell you what to do and where to do it. They are a great addition to foreplay and the perfect private Christmas party game for lovers

7. Flavoured lube

Food and sex can go well together, but it can get messy! If you don’t want to spend Boxing Day cleaning up, but fancy more than just a tasty treat at Christmas, then flavoured lubrication could be just what you need! There are a lot of different flavours available so chose your partner’s favourite and watch their face light up as they unwrap this from their stocking!

8. A raunchy book

Want to give your partner a few ideas of what you’d really like this festive period? Put a raunchy book in their stocking to provide advice and inspiration for the bedroom and enjoy the gift that keeps on giving.

9. Pleasure enhancers

There are plenty of pleasure enhancers out there and condoms are one of the easiest to try.

Ribbed condoms are particularly popular and help increase the sensations for both of you. Tingling and warming lube can also be a great naughty stocking filler to accompany your ribbed condoms and provide ultimate pleasure.

10. Edible underwear

Edible underwear is fun and tasty! You can find edible undies for men and edible knickers for women so no-one needs to be left out of the frolics – there are even edible bras available too!

These naughty stocking filler ideas are anything but ‘fillers’. Show your partner how much you want them with one or two sexy Christmas surprises!


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