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The Top 5 Myths About Condoms

These days you can buy condoms in various different lengths, widths and shapes. They can be straight or flared, ribbed and dotted to enhance stimul...
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How Masturbating Can Improve Your Sex Life

Masturbating is an important part of sexual health – in both men and women – and with these sex tips you’ll also understand how to use sex toys to ...
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5 Sex Positions To Help Him Last Longer In Bed

If you want to enjoy better sex with your partner then why not try these top five sex positions
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How To Use Condoms to Help Achieve Better Sex

Practising safe sex is an important part of any healthy relationship but you don’t have to sacrifice fun beneath the sheets to achieve it. Read our...
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How To Have The Best Holiday Sex Ever

Sex with your partner should always be great … but when you’re on holiday, a little extra magic can be thrown in.
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5 Things Your Man Wants You To Say In Bed

While there is often a lot of discussion about how to satisfy women in bed, finding ways to keep your man happy is also important.
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Why Everyone Should Use Lube

The right lubricant can also give you the confidence to be more creative and try new things. And most important, it makes things more fun!
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