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Easing Painful Sex Before Your Period

On top of the bloating & low mood leading up to your period, you might feel sex is more painful. Let's look at the causes of pre-period sex pain.
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How To Take The Pain Out Of Sex During Menopause

During & after menopause, sex can sometimes be painful due to vaginal dryness. We look at how lube can help to make things more comfortable.
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Top Tips For Good Sex During And After Menopause

Has menopause taken some of the fun out of sex? Here are some top tips for putting the spice back into your sex life.
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The Durex Lube Buying Guide

Our helpful guide to lube, covering everything from what lube does to the best lubricants for you!
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What Is Fellatio? An Introduction To Oral For Him

Want to know more about fellatio or in need of some top tips on giving your partner great fellatio? Read more in our ultimate introduction.
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The Top 5 Rules For Friends With Benefits

No strings attached, casual sex, friends with benefits - a dream for most people. Here are 5 rules for a friends with benefits relationship.
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The Durex Cock Ring Buying Guide

Cock rings come in many shapes. If you haven’t tried one yet, add it to your ‘to-do’ list now. Read all in our cock ring buying guide.
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