When Should I Go To The Sex Clinic

Sarah Mulindwa, a sex clinic nurse, tells us when we should to go to a sex clinic and what to expect when we get there

For the majority of us it’s not always clear when it’s time to go to a sex clinic or, for that matter, what to expect when you get there.

So, what should you do if you think you have an STI and you’re showing symptoms? How often should you go just to get the all clear? Will it hurt?

In the interest of putting all our minds at rest, Reed Amber and Florence Bark got close-up and personal with Sarah Mulindwa, a sex clinic nurse, who has first hand knowledge, and has been helping people with their sexual health problems for over ten years. 

To find out when and how often you should go to a STI Clinic – even if you don’t have a STI.

How often should I get checked out?

It all depends on who you have sex with, your sexual orientation and how often you have sex.

Heterosexuals should be screened every six months for STIs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea. Because heterosexual men are not in a high-risk group for being infected with HIV, once a year is usually good enough.

Are they gonna have to stick anything down the end of my penis? 

Men will usually be asked to provide a urine sample. If you have anal sex, a rectal sample may also be necessary.

If you are showing the signs or the symptoms of a STI, like pain when passing urine, discharge and irritation, then they may have to take a swab.

It’s uncomfortable, but nowhere near as painful as an STI if left untreated.

Are women treated differently than men? 

Women can have chlamydia and gonorrhoea for longer without any symptoms.

So, there are a number of things they should look out for themselves. 

As a woman you should be looking out for things like spotting, pain during sex and pain in your pelvis. It could be an indication of pelvic inflammatory disease.

Regular check ups at an STI clinic can help you maintain a healthy sex life but the only proven way to protect yourself from all STIs is with a condom.




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