Durex Pleasure Sets make it easy for you and your partner to mix it up with sex toys, various gels and lubes and our wide range of condoms, all mixed and matched in exciting bundles. It’s a great way to get some of your old favourites along with goodies you didn’t even know existed. 


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Emoji Fun Pack 36 Condoms-Bundles-Durex UK-Durex UK

Emoji Fun Pack 36 Condoms

£29.97Saved: £8.15 (27%)
Cracking On-Bundles-Durex UK-Durex UK

Cracking On

£29.97Saved: £1.50 (5%)
Durex UK Bundles Sugar Pie

Love is in the Air

£46.95Saved: £2.35 (5%)
Happy Together-Bundles-Durex UK-Durex UK

Happy Together

£24.97Saved: £1.25 (5%)
Durex UK Bundles Let's Lube Bundle

Let's Lube Bundle

£36.96Saved: £1.85 (5%)
Durex UK Bundles Play It Safe

Play It Safe

£54.97Saved: £2.75 (5%)
Durex UK Bundles Durex Comfort Pleasure Set

Durex Love Yourself

£29.76Saved: £1.49 (5%)
Durex Play Lube Set 2 in 1-Bundles-Durex UK-Durex UK

Durex Touch Yourself

£23.97Saved: £1.20 (5%)
Durex UK Bundles Feel Pleasure

Feel Pleasure

£22.87Saved: £1.14 (4%)
Durex UK Bundles Naughty Girl

Naughty Girl

£11.88Saved: £0.59 (4%)
Durex Starter Pleasure Set-Bundles-Durex UK-Durex UK

Durex Starter Pleasure Set

£24.87Saved: £1.24 (4%)
Durex UK Bundles Pick Me

Pick Me

£59.85Saved: £2.99 (4%)
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