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Introduce new ways of playing together with our sexual interest and sex guides. Browse our inspiring articles together and decide on the things you’d both like to try for an amazing new world of love making experiences. From new positions to introducing sex toys, rediscover each other’s bodies and connect on a whole new level. What are you waiting for?

4 Oral Sex Positions You Need to Try

Indulging in oral sex with your partner is a highly intimate act, some may even say it's more intimate than intercourse.

10 Fun Places to Have Sex Outside of the Bedroom

A great sex life involves lots of variety and trying new things.

5 Sex Positions for Deeper Penetration

If your partner's penis is on the smaller side, or you find it hard to orgasm from penetration alone; then you might be looking for ways to maximise the depth your receive during sex to help bring you closer to climax.