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Introduce new ways of playing together with our sexual interest and sex guides. Browse our inspiring articles together and decide on the things you’d both like to try for an amazing new world of love making experiences. From new positions to introducing sex toys, rediscover each other’s bodies and connect on a whole new level. What are you waiting for?

The Right Way to Rebound Sex

It’s easy when going through a break-up to run straight into the arms of another for comfort and distraction. With a recent break-up leaving you lonely and your libido unsatisfied, finding a new playmate could be just what you need.

Why do Condoms Break

Condoms are a great form of birth control and protection; however, the only way they effectively work is if they don’t break.

How to Prepare for a One Night Stand

A one night stand with no strings attached is a great way to add some excitement in your single life.