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Introduce new ways of playing together with our sexual interest and sex guides. Browse our inspiring articles together and decide on the things you’d both like to try for an amazing new world of love making experiences. From new positions to introducing sex toys, rediscover each other’s bodies and connect on a whole new level. What are you waiting for?

  • Creative Sex Positions to Try Wherever

    Getting bored with your standard sex positions or looking to try something new tonight?

  • The Orgasm Gap

    Based on a study conducted by Durex in the Netherlands, research shows that almost 75% of women in the Netherlands and Belgium do not orgasm during sex, whereas only 28% of men say they don’t always climax. In 2017, so-called "orgasm inequality" still exists. Durex believes that it’s time to change, and is helping to fight orgasms all around.

  • How Your Smartphone is Affecting Your Sex Life

    With the rise of smartphone dependency, focusing on your partner and your relationship can seem tasking at times. Here are a few ways that spending time on your smart phone can affect your sex life: