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Explore new ways of reaching maximum pleasure with your partner in foreplay and love making by reading our racy sex tips and tricks to take your intimacy to the next level. From more complex guides to the male and female anatomy to step by step suggestions on how to give amazing oral sex, you and your partner will find everything you need to embark on a journey of sexual adventure…

  • Top Tips on Sexting with Confidence

    Sending casual sexts sounds like no big deal at all, but when you are trying to send a sex text in the moment, you realise that sexting is definitely an art.

  • 6 Mistakes Everyone Makes in Freshers Week

    Fresher’s week is one of the most talked about activities, and with good reason. Your first week at University is the time for you to let your hair down, adjust to your new surroundings, and explore new things. However, there are certain mistakes that every fresher seems to make during this time.

  • Sexual Health Week: Everything Freshers You Need to Know

    Freshers’ week is fast approaching and we thought you’d like to know some of our tips on how to safely make your way through the most exciting, party-harding week of your life.