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Let's Not Go Back To Normal

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed our attitudes towards protection A new survey from Durex reveals that we have an opportunity to disrupt the re...
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How To Put On A Condom

Looking for advice on condom usage? Here is our step by step guide to putting on a condom to help you get it right every single time!
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Emoji Fun Pack 36 Condoms-Bundles-Durex UK-Durex UK

Emoji Fun Pack 36 Condoms

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Durex UK Bundles Durex Invisible Bundle

Durex Invisible Bundle

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Durex UK Bundles Durex Starter Pack

Durex Starter Pack

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Scared Of Sex: What Is Erotophobia?

Anxiety around sex is by no means uncommon and could indicate a sex phobia. Here is everything you need to know about erotophobia: the fear of sex.
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How to stay safe

Sex is pretty fun, right? It’s exciting, it feels good, and it can help us grow closer. Of course, when it comes to sex we’re all aware there’s som...
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Sexpectations – STIs without symptoms

“I’ve heard you’d know if you had an sti. You’d be all itchy and red.” That kind of misguided information should come with a government health warn...
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Sexpectations - Girl on girl STIs

“I’ve heard you can’t get an sti if it’s girl-on-girl.” I’m afraid we have bad news for you if you thought a bit of carefree girl-on-girl action me...
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Which Type Of Condom Should I Buy?

Condoms revolutionised not just sex itself, but also global sexual health - they are your ultimate sex essential.
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Protect Yourself from Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sex is a wonderful thing, it really is. It not only signifies a bond between you and your lover, but it can also be a freeing experience no matter ...
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3 STI's That Are Getting Harder To Treat

With a rise in STI cases in the UK, it's even greater reason to make sure you're using a condom each time you have sex to prevent catching or trans...
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Just How Reliable Are Condoms?

If you’re interested in how well condoms protect against STIs, or want to get the low down on pregnancy prevention, we've got you covered.
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