Our Intense range has been designed to bring stimulating pleasure to both you and your partner. From condoms to sex toys, we have you covered for an evening of intense satisfaction. Why not try our Intense Orgasmic Gel? Designed to bring sensual waves of warming, cooling and tingling sensations. Or try one of Intense range bundles to get creative under the sheets.
Durex Intense

Intense Touch

Use your touch to build lovemaking and enhance the passion.
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What Are The Benefits Of Ribbed & Dotted Condoms?

There isn’t a single condom that suits everyone - we are all different mentally and physiologically, which is why you need to find the condom that ...
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Use Gels And Lube For More Play In Foreplay

One of the things most of us aspire to is great sex. From no strings attached to a marriage that spans decades we just want to please the other per...
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How To Use A Cock Ring During Sex

When it comes to sex, nothing feels better than pleasing your partner.
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Durex UK Bundles Durex Intense Encounter Pleasure Set

Durex Intense Encounter Pleasure Set

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Durex UK Bundles Durex Paradise For Both Lube Set

Durex Paradise For Both Lube Set

£22.87Saved: £1.14 (4%)
Durex UK Bundles Feel Pleasure

Feel Pleasure

£22.87Saved: £1.14 (4%)

A Guide To Using Sex Toys For Couples

More people than ever before have started to discover the benefits of using toys in the bedroom. Sex toys today aren’t just designed for long, lone...
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Kama Sutra For Beginners

Different sex positions have different effects. While you could have sex in the same way every time...
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Durex Intense Journey Pleasure Set-Bundles-Durex UK-Durex UK

Durex Intense Journey Pleasure Set

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Durex UK Bundles Toy Story

Toy Box

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New Sensations

Try different ways to enhance your loving and take your passion further.
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5 Sex Positions to Try If He Orgasms Too Quickly

Things are getting hot and steamy and you’re really starting to enjoy yourself and then…it’s all over. Whilst premature ejaculation is nothing to b...
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Durex UK Bundles Pleasure Her

Pleasure Her

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Durex UK Bundles Naughty Girl

Naughty Girl

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