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Don't miss our Live Stream about our Roadmap to Sexual Satisfaction.

Join us live as we talk with author and made in Chelsea star, Ollie Locke, and award-winning sex educator and journalist, Alix Fox, about the roadmap to sexual satisfaction and how we can all prepare emotionally, physically and with the right product now that restrictions are easing, and we can get back out there! 

Sex. Forgotten what it is and how to do it? We practically have and it’s our only thing! Let’s face it, over the last year and a half we have missed out on everything intimate…holding hands, hugs, kisses, catching someone’s eye across a crowded room (imagine!) or the date night to end all date nights. 

Well, we are here to help you prepare for a satisfyingly sexual summer on YOUR terms at YOUR own pace. Ollie Locke and Alix Fox will be answering your questions on all things emotional, physical and product LIVE. 

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Alix Fox

Alix is a journalist, presenter, sex educator and love guru and host of acclaimed Audible series KINK! She works as a script consultant on the incredibly popular Netflix series, Sex Education.


Ollie Locke-Locke

Ollie is a British television personality and actor known for appearing in E4's Made in Chelsea. He is also the author of the Sunday Times bestseller, Laid in Chelsea.

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