Why Do Condoms Break?

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Condoms are a great form of birth control and protection; however, the only way they effectively work is if they don’t break. A condom breaking can be a major mood killer for both you and your partner which can lead to consequences. However, we’ve found the top reasons for condom breakages and luckily there are simple and effective ways to help keep your rubbers and passion intact.

Condom Expiration Dates

If you’re in the moment and the only condom you can find is the one you forgot about stuffed at the back of your wallet, make sure you check the expiration date. We know it’s the last thing you want to think of while you and your partner are in the heat of the moment, but expiration dates are there for a reason. Once the condom reaches its end date, it won’t be effective and should not be used.

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Store Condoms Properly

Like your favourite beverage, your rubbers should be stored in a cool, dry place. Leaving your condoms stashed in your hot car or on your bedside table within direct sunlight, can damage the condoms material leaving you and your partner susceptible to breakages.

To ensure your condoms are fully protected from outside elements, find a place in your bedroom that you can keep your condoms safely tucked away. If you decide to keep a condom in your wallet, make sure to not have them in there for long as they can also easily tear the condom due to constant friction.

Lack of Lube

If there is friction whilst having sex, not only will it cause pain for you and your partner causing it can cause the condom to essentially break. To keep your condoms intact, make sure you use lubricant or buy ones that are pre-lubed, like Durex safe condoms. Adding a lube can help ensure that your condom is protected from any friction and allows you and your partner to enjoy your intimate moment making it more pleasurable for you both. 

Know Your Condom Types

Like that last pair of jeans in the sale that wasn’t in your size, condoms come in a variety of sizes to help make them more comfortable. If you are noticing that your condoms are too tight, the friction and tension can cause it to tear. However, it is important to get a condom that is not too loose, as a loose condom may slide off.

Put a Condom on Correctly

Simple fact, a condom will not be effective if not applied correctly. They should always be rolled down gently, leaving a little bit of room at the top to help prevent any breakage or tear. If you are nervous or too excited to put the condom on properly, get your partner to help secure the condom for the both of you.

Taking your time to properly put on a condom is essential in helping reduce any tears or slippage that you might face. You should never double up on condoms, this does not give you added protection as the condom is prone to become less effective, reducing you and your partner’s and protection. Ensuring a safe sexual experience is paramount, so it’s hugely beneficial to know how to put on a condom.