The results are in from our largest LGBTQ+ UK sex survey. Thank you for sharing your experience of your sex your way. 

There’s a lot to learn from a community where 9 out of 10 surveyed say that from an emotional/psychological perspective sex is fun. However, there are also answers that call for change, with sex education only feeling relevant to 14% of LGBTQ+ individuals and only 13% think society is accepting of the LGBTQ+ community at present.

We’re committed to sharing our findings and using them over the coming years to help us identify how we can support everyone to explore their sex their way. Scroll down to discover the full results and the first steps we’ve taken on this journey alongside our trusted partners, The Proud Trust, HER, Grindr and a team of LGBTQ+ educators.

Because we stand for a sex positive society where everyone is supported with the freedom, knowledge and tools to be their true sexual self.

The survey results point to the importance of education within and outside of the LGBTQ+ community. So as part of our journey towards a sex positive society we’ve created an inclusive sex ed series to help people have the confidence to explore and embrace their sexual selves. 

Explore our sex ed series…

Partnership for change

Because we understand the importance of education we've partnered with The Proud Trust to help roll out their inclusive sexual health toolkit, training professionals to empower all young people to explore and express their identity and sexuality, their way.


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