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We are the world's number one manufacturer of condoms, so we like to think we know what we're talking about. With over 80 years' experience in the sexual health industry, Durex has finely tuned our condoms to create a comfortable fit and ultimately, a safe sexual experience.

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Best company with the best quality. Really good, fast and discreet service!

Pleasure Ring customer

Oh god. That's all I can say and have been saying since I got this little beauty! Definitely worth the money. Would definitely buy again

Intense Delight Bullet customer

We love these! They do what they should and in addition to that the price is amazing! You pay way more in the shops.

Thin Feel customer

Pleasure Gels and Lubricants

The Durex collection of lubes, massage gels and pleasure gels have been specially formulated to be kind to your skin while massively increasing sexual stimulation. Created with comfort and pleasure in mind, lubricants come in many shapes and sizes. 

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Sexpectations – Talking dirty
Sexpectations – Talking dirty
“I’VE HEARD YOU CAN ONLY TURN SOMEONE ON IF YOU TALK DIRTY.”   With sex, as with most things in life, different people like different things. Talki...
Sexpectations – Sex without orgasms
Sexpectations – Sex without orgasms
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Sexpectations – Sex and Music
Sexpectations – Sex and Music
“I’VE HEARD YOU NEED MUSIC TO REALLY GET THEM IN THE MOOD.” Most people would agree that music and sex are natural bedfellows, but not everyone wou...
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Sex Toys Bundles & Pleasure Sets

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Durex is about great, fun, safe sex. It’s not just about condoms; our global No.1 range includes sex toys and lubricants and focuses on reaching new consumers in innovative ways. We believe that a healthy and rewarding sex life should be everyone's to enjoy. Our range of products is designed to enhance experience and protect adults in their pursuit of pleasure.