Global Sex Survey

We’re sure that the best way to offer our consumers what they want is to keep in the know with their thoughts and feelings around sex.

The Global Sex Survey is just one such example, we asked 29,000 adults to tell us about their sex lives. We wanted to find out what people think and feel about sex, and what impact this has on the rest of their lives.

Our sexual health and well being expertise stems from the in-depth knowledge and understanding garnered from tools such as our Global Sex Survey. The intriguing sex information and sexual health data can be found across our Explore Sex blog.

Want to know more? Head over and explore everything sex now. Our blog covers the following categories:

Want to see our Global Sex Survey data in action? Why not find out everything there is to know about the benefits and side effects of masturbation. Or perhaps you want to brush up on your sex positions. Head over and explore our articles.