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How wet we get changes with our cycles, so it’s totally normal to feel drier down there and totally natural to reach for lube. Durex Naturals helps sex feel better, whenever the mood takes you.
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Our new range of Naturals water-based lubes are made with 100% natural ingredients and work with your body to add comfort when you need it most.


A gentle, pH-friendly formula that helps sex feel naturally smooth.


Extra sensitive

With added Aloe Vera (nature’s wonder plant) to sensitively soothe discomfort.



With sodium hyaluronate (from natural wheat) for even longer lasting moisturisation.


We think it’s time we stopped putting up with discomfort and started talking about it.

4 Reasons You Might Feel Drier

Feeling less wet isn’t just a symptom for menopausal women, it can (and does) happen to women at any age. Here are four of the most common issues that might be leaving you that bit drier down there...

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Why Everyone Should Use Lube

Lubes can top up your natural levels of lubrication, add a bit of fun and bring you closer to your partner. Read all the benefits and find out why 9/10 women say sex feels better with lube...

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Your Guide to Lube

Whether you are a total lube novice – or simply looking for new tips on how to get even more enjoyment out of it – this guide should help you find the perfect lube…

Condoms, Doggy Style, Lubes, Sex Positions, Shower Sex

No! There are lots of reasons why women might experience dryness including stress, using tampons, having a baby – and simply normal changes in hormone levels.

For too long lubes have only been associated with ‘kinky’ sex or menopausal women. But many people now use lube to simply make sex feel better. Lubes can be used to enhance sensations, add a bit of fun or just to top up your natural levels of lubrication so sex feels easier and smoother.

Durex Naturals is safe to use with condoms. Most of our other lubes and gels are also fine to be used with condoms, but please remember to always read the instructions to make sure.

There are really no rules here. The best thing to do it just relax, enjoy and experiment. Simply squeeze a little lube onto your fingertips and gently apply to your intimate areas. You can always apply more if you need it.

Everywhere and anywhere! Most Durex lubes are suitable for use all over the body. Naturals has a gentle water-based formula that washes off easily with water.