5 Valentine's Day Games To Help You Embrace The Dark Side

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and planning the perfect date night can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially if this is your first Valentine’s with your partner.

This year ditch the flowers, chocolates, and cuddly teddy bear for some erotic and enthralling Valentine’s Day sex games.

1. Kinky cards

Grab a deck of playing cards and assign each suit a sexy meaning; spades mean kissing, clubs mean massage, diamonds mean oral, and clubs mean stimulation. Whatever you choose to name your suits, take turns picking cards from the stack and treating each other to a sexy night of fun. The number on the cards represent how long you and your partner have to do each action. So indulge in a few light kisses, give a sensual massage with Durex 2 in 1 lube and massage gel and be consumed by desire.

2. Naked twister

For an erotic night of Valentine's sex that is sure to raise your pleasure stakes, partake in a sex-fuelled game of naked twister. All you need is a regular game board and the ability to get in crazy, contorted positions. Even if you aren’t as flexible, it makes for a better time as you and your partner find creative ways to stay upright.

Feel the sexual tension build up as your bodies entwine into one another for an erotic twist to a classic indoor game. To make for a more competitive and sensual game; add kissing, tickling, or even a vibrator for a sexy distraction. You could even add in a prize for the winner - the Love is in the Air pleasure bundle (shown below) could be the perfect way to add some spice to the end of your game night.

3. Spin the love bottle

Take turns spinning the bottle of love for a night of passion and desire. On a large piece of paper, draw a large circle about twice the size of the bottle and divide it into six equal sections. In each section, add a sexual activity that both you and your partner can perform on each other. Whether you decide to add an erotic massage or want to turn up the heat with oral sex, write down your request that is bound to get you both aroused.

4. Cops n Robbers

Decide which one of you wants to be the cop and take turns playing the bad guy. If you are the cop, punish your partner by giving them a step-by-step guide on how to use their hands, lips, and other body parts to stimulate you. However, if you want to take it up a notch, try handcuffing your partner’s wrist to your headboard. If you don’t have one, don’t fret; handcuff your partner’s wrists together as you tease them with a vibrator for uninterrupted pleasure.

5. Kinky Truth or Dare

Discover your partner’s wildest fantasies and have fun doing so with an adult version of truth or dare. Whether you want to find out what your partner likes or simply spice things up in the bedroom with a sultry dare, asking the right questions is important to keeping the sexy vibe lasting throughout the night. Make sure to take turns asking each other stimulating questions and, when it comes to the dares tasks, make sure they are worth the request. Whether you ask your partner to stimulate several body parts at once, or you want to try something new, the control is yours. 

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