Valentines Gift Ideas For Him

Valentines Gift Ideas For Him

Make him fall in love all over again with these sexy treats!

Who could shy away from cupid’s arrow, especially if it strikes carrying a gift that’s naughty as well as nice? From lubricants to cock rings, we’ve picked a selection of sexy surprises that will make the perfect present for him…

A teasing touch

Nothing says ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ like leaving a sexy new toy waiting for him on his side of the bed. Everyone knows that the best presents are the ones that keep on giving, way after the chocolate box has been devoured! The Durex Teasing Touch is perfect for teasing and stimulating his nipples as part of adventurous foreplay. Treat him to a tingling feeling on February 14th and many nights to come…

An intense feeling

A gel that intensifies both of your orgasms sounds, frankly, too good to be true, right? Durex’s Intense Orgasm Gel has been designed to do that. Pleasure gel can always make sex more intense for both of you, and can you think of anything he’d like more this Christmas than to have a mind blowing orgasm? Starting a drop at a time, massage into his sensitive spots for the ultimate sensation.

If you’re feeling a bit fruity this Valentine’s day, why not pop a flavoured lube into his bag of treats? Durex’s Play Cheeky Cherry is luscious, sweet and a tasty treat for him when going down on you.

A simultaneous thrill

We all know that condoms are important, but sometimes we forget that they can also be really, really fun. Why not give your partner the amazing gift of synchronised orgasms this Christmas? Mutual climax can be difficult to master, but Durex Mutual Climax Condoms could help you on your way! They are designed with pleasure dots for her and Performa lubricant for him. Combined with eye contact, a little trial and error and some sexy self-control, you can teach yourselves to come in perfect harmony every time.  

An extreme vibration

A cock ring is the quickest and easiest way to take your sex life to the next level.  Just slip it around the base of his cock, and proceed as normal. Whilst keeping him hard for a noticeably longer period, the vibrator at the base of his penis can brush against your clitoris, making every second feel incredible. 

And if you’re feeling extra naughty this February, treat your man to Durex’s Play Little Devil vibrating cock ring giving him (and you!) up to 30 minutes of naughty, quivering pleasure.

Written by sex blogger and writer, Rebecca Reid, from  AFT Magazine –