How To Give The Perfect Massage This Valentine’s Day

Looking for a way to get saucy this Valentine's Day? A sensual massage is a great way to create romance and, if done correctly, is likely to lead to something even more exciting.

Here at Durex, we’ve got some top massage tips and different ways to help you and your partner experience full pleasure and romance this Valentine’s Day.

How can I set the mood when giving a massage?

 Using our top tips can be the perfect way to recreate a Valentine’s spa in your own home. The first thing to consider when planning a sensual massage however, is to set the mood for both you and your partner. Having your partner lay down on the sofa and with the TV blaring in the background doesn’t exactly scream romantic and relaxing.

Creating a mellow ambience is the key to a perfect massage, so here are our top tips for setting the mood:

  • Turn on calming music
  • Light candles
  • Use massage oils
  • Make use of incense 

Choosing the right massage oil is of particular importance. Get the right one and your hands will glide effortlessly over your partner’s skin, making the experience all the more pleasurable for both of you.

The genius of Durex Play Massage Gel is that, if things get a little bit heated, you can take the massage down south as the 2 in 1 lube can be used to massage intimate areas also. Just be sure to read the label before use as not all our lubricants are condom compatible!

How do I turn a massage into sex?

Whilst the most common massage areas are the back, shoulders and neck – experimenting with new areas can not only relieve tension points neither you nor your partner realised they had but can also lead to more exciting things. Why not try transitioning from a sensuous lower back massage to a more intimate area? The bum is a very sensitive erogenous zone and is guaranteed to get your partner hot under the collar.

Working your way up the legs is another great area to massage and heading further north can lead to whole new realms pleasure. Try slowly working your way up the inside of your partner’s legs, building their anticipation as you go. If things become heated, then this is a great opportunity to experiment with Durex Intense Gel.

Designed to increase sensitivity of her intimate areas, this clitoral stimulating gel is sure to give her earth-shattering orgasms.

How do I make my massage even more special?

A sensual Valentine’s Day massage doesn’t always have to lead to sex – so don’t feel too disheartened if your partner is just enjoying the relaxing and soothing experience and no more. However, as it’s Valentine’s Day – a great way to shake up a massage is to surprise your partner with some sex toys for afterwards.

Our Durex Intense Delight Bullet Vibrator is a discreet sensual massager that boasts powerful vibrations and packed full of huge sensations, making it your sexy ally in the world of pleasure. It’s ideal for clitoral and all-over body stimulation to help you and your partner reach orgasm.

What special techniques can I use for him?

If it’s the special man in your life that you’re treating to a sensual massage, first make sure you have a good coating of lubricant in your hand before gently massaging his testicles. As these are a very sensitive area, make sure you really take your time with this and ensure that it is all pleasure and no pain.

From here massage the penis from top to bottom, ensuring it is fully coated in lube. Start your motion from the head of the penis and work your way down to the base in a repetitive motion. You’ll soon see him growing more and more excited, however, if you’re wanting him to prolong his ejaculation for intercourse, don’t spend too long on this.

What special techniques can I use for her?

When giving your woman a sexual massage, start by focusing on the vulva and vaginal lips, and gently caress these using a generous helping of gel for increased pleasure. The woman’s body language and swelling of vaginal lips are clear indicators of arousal and pleasure, so once you notice these – begin to gently massage the head of the clitoris in circular motions, slowly build up the pressure/intensity and watch her squeal in pleasure (also don’t be shocked if she has a mind-blowing orgasm, your massage has been successful).

Let the relaxation begin

Whilst the most common massage areas are the back, shoulders and neck, experimenting with new areas can not only relieve tension points neither you nor your partner realised they had, but can also lead to more exciting things.

Whatever you decide to do this Valentines, make it a special one with Durex. This year cut the cliché and keep your Valentine's Day simple, saucy and spontaneous.



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