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Let’s Talk Genital Piercings And Sex


From penile bars, to clitoral rings, genital piercings are not for the faint of heart. Sure, there may be loads of benefits when it comes to genital piercings however, if you find yourself cringing at the sight of bejewelled penises and blingy labias, then the world of genital adornment probably isn’t for you.

For those genital jewellery fanatics out there though, penis and vagina piercings aren’t simply about making your downstairs look more attractive, they can also have a great impact on your sex life. Here is everything you need to know about genital piercings and sex.

Why get a genital piercing?

As with all piercings, a penis piercing or a vagina piercing can simply be a form of self-expression. Whether we’re talking a simple bar through the penile head or something much more extravagant such as a clitoral chain, jewellery can be a great way to flash your style once the clothes come off.

Aside from the aesthetics, genital piercings can also go a long way to improving your sex life. They can add new dimensions to stimulation, and they can also add completely new sensations you never dreamed possible.

How genital piercing can improve your sex life

Whether you are looking to get a penis or vaginal piercing, or you currently have one and want to learn more about your piercing and sex, you’re probably already aware that some genital piercings may have a positive impact on your sex life.

First and foremost, if you are thinking about getting a genital piercing for self-expression and building confidence in your body, the benefits of doing so are self-explanatory, as feeling more confident in the bedroom bears obvious fruit.

If you are looking for benefits from a more orgasmic, sensual perspective however, you might be surprised at how much of an impact such a piercing can have. A bar piercing through the head of the penis, for example, could mean that your partner experiences new sensations during penetration.

Another example would be tongue piercings, which can greatly improve your oral sex game. Ok, so a tongue piercing isn’t technically a genital piercing, but combine one with our top tips to giving a great blowjob and you’ll soon see why tongue piercings are synonymous with great head.

The negatives of genital piercings

As with all piercings, there can be some risks with piercing of the genitals. The obvious risk is the risk of infection during the procedure. To that end, if you are considering a new genital piercing, ensure you visit a reputable piercing studio.

Another factor you may want to consider is that your piercing, although not a lifetime commitment like a tattoo, will be with you for the foreseeable future.

Sure, you can take it out at any time, but if you are happy with your new genital adornment and want to keep it in, be prepared for at least some discomfort during the healing process.  

Genital piercings for women

When talking genital piercings for women, there are plenty of variants to choose from. Female genital piercings could include the following:

  • Outer labia
  • Inner labia
  • HCH (Horizontal clitoral hood)
  • VCH (Vertical clitoral hood)
  • Fourchette

tattoo lady

Outer labia

A piercing through the outer labia on either the left or right side. Ring jewellery is typically used in this area.

Inner labia

A piercing through the inner labia on either side of the vagina. Again, a ring is usually chosen for the piercing however, a bar would work perfectly well also.

HCH (Horizontal clitoral hood)

The clitoral hood is the area that sits at the top of the vagina just above the clitoris. For some women, this takes the appearance of a fold of skin or ‘hood’. The HCH piercing constitutes a bar or ring through the hood in a horizontal position.

VCH (Vertical clitoral hood)

Like the HCH, the VCH is a piercing through the clitoral hood however, in this case, the ring or bar is pierced vertically as opposed to horizontally.


The Fourchette is a piercing through the bottom of the vagina. The piercing sits just under the vaginal opening.

Men's genital piercing

Granted, genital piercings for men largely centre around the penile area, but that doesn’t mean there’s isn’t any versatility. Men’s genital piercings can include the following:

  • Prince Albert
  • Ampallang
  • Scrotal
  • Pubic
  • Foreskin

pierced nipple

Prince Albert

The Prince Albert is largely considered the beginner’s genital piercing. The piercing enters at the frenulum and exits through the urethra. Because of the nature of the piercing, a ring is usually preferred.


An Ampallang piercing is signified by a long bar piercing horizontally through the head of the penis.


A scrotal piercing refers to any piercing of the scrotum however, it typically means a piercing just below the underside of the penis where the shaft meets the scrotum.


A pubic piercing is similar to the scrotal piercing however it is on the upper side of the penis where the shaft meets the pubis.


A foreskin piercing is a piercing of the foreskin alone where the penis itself is left untouched.

Genital piercings and condoms

Sadly, once you have a piercing through your penis head, use of a condom can be a lot trickier than without one. If the jewellery you have chosen is relatively small you likely won’t have trouble getting the condom on however, you may have issues keeping the condom intact during intercourse.

If you have larger penis jewellery, then you may struggle to get a condom on at all. There is light at the end of the tunnel, however. If condoms are your chosen form of contraception, and your penis piercing is established, you can safely remove the piercing temporarily to allow for safe condom usage in line with the pack instructions.


Feeling more confident with condoms and your cock piercing? Why not explore our range of condoms online today? Not sure which size is the right fit for you? Explore our condom size chart which is certain to help guide your way.



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