Steamy Valentine's Day Sex Positions

Couple becoming intimate on black background

Be sure to try out these exciting Valentine's sex positions

Celebrate romance and desire with your partner and opt out for the traditional date night meal for something sexier. Whether you are looking to spice things up this Valentine’s or want to enhance your night, try out these 4 creative sex positions that are sure to please. Valentine's Day sex. What could be better? Let's get the serious stuff out of the way first: always be sure to use protection and wear a condom during sex.

The Love Cradle

If you are looking for a position that will challenge your balance and offer you a lesson on love, this position is perfect for you. Begin by having your partner squatting on the floor, using only his legs to balance himself. As he squats, straddle your partner and wrap your legs around his waist as he penetrates you. Move back and forth in a rocking motion as you both find your rhythm. If his legs are unable to carry the weight of you for a lengthy period of time in that motion, try staying stationary in that position until you are ready to orgasm. If you and your partner are able to maintain your balance, then you’re in for a world of pleasure.

Cupid’s Spoon

Lay on your side with your partner behind you, as your partner positions himself to enter you. Raise one leg up and have your partner use that leg to sturdy himself as he moves back and forth. Not only is this position great for winding down your romantic night, it gives your partner total access to caress your body. Whether he uses a cheeky sex toy to stimulate your clitoris or uses his hands to roam your breasts, enjoy the affection and attention that your partner gives you as you slip into orgasmic bliss.

Durex Thrilling Touch vibrator

The Beloved

Sometimes a change of scenery can help ignite the passion your night needs. Instead of going out to a fancy restaurant, cook a tasty meal and have a romantic night in. After you have finished eating your meal, tuck into your partner with this tempting position. Have your partner lift you on your kitchen counter if there is space as you wrap your legs around his butt as he enters you. Wrap your arms around his neck as he slightly lifts your hips up as he thrusts into you. This spontaneous position will have you both craving for more.

Lover’s Lane

Put a spin on the classic twist that is sure to rock both your worlds. Have your partner lay back on the bed as you mount him with your back facing towards him as he enters you. Great for putting you in control as you move up and down, find the right pace for you as you reach orgasmic bliss. This variation of the cowgirl allows for touching between you and your partner, and further increases stimulation to your clitoris making for a perfect ending to your romantic night.

Budding Rose

Enjoy a slow, sensual roll in the sack with this tempting position. Lay on your back with a pillow under your butt while your partner kneels between your legs. Raise your hips off the ground with one leg raised towards his chest as he grabs onto your legs for support when he enters you. Grab your vibrator to help further stimulate your clitoris and if you want to drive him wild with desire; turn your vibrator on his pubic bone region for a buzzing feeling he’ll enjoy. Put a spin on the classic twist that is sure to rock both your worlds.

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