Condoms designed, with vulvas in mind

Condoms designed, with vulvas in mind | Durex UK

Feeling good during sex is great, and great sex is even better


Women and people with vaginas are increasingly more conscious about what they’re putting inside their bodies — and for good reason. Everything that you put into a vagina gets absorbed, that includes chemicals, parabens, fragrances, and other toxins.


You might be looking for a more natural feeling and with safety being a consideration also, it’s good to know that you can get the best of both worlds when choosing the right condom for you.

Of course, not all condoms are created equally. Condoms help prevent unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Durex offers a wide range of condoms from thin to ultra-thin, ribbed, and right through to latex free.

Sure, picking a condom may seem like a simple task, but there is so much to consider, after all, everyone is different, and every vagina is different.

For some, it may be the need for a condom that is latex-free, or for others, it could be an extra thin condom.

Looking for the perfect condom to promote satisfying sex? Here is our guide to the best condoms designed with lady parts in mind. You can also check out our Durex condom buying guide to find the size and fit.

Why go for condoms?

Condoms are great for keeping sex safe and are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) if used correctly– there is still a common misconception among some that condoms might be tricky to use or that they have the potential to spoil the moment.

Protecting your health is super important, but so is pleasure. The good news is, there are a few ways to make using condoms fun and sexy.

You might find condoms easy to use but choosing the right condom can help with your sexual satisfaction.

What are the best condoms for her?

Women’s needs and preferences vary greatly when it comes to sex, and that remains true when considering condoms. Condoms don’t have to be cumbersome and noticeable. There are plenty of options that are thin enough for a woman to feel the profile of the man’s penis, or sex toy.

For those who want a natural feeling during sex whilst also ensuring a certain level of safety – it’s about finding a condom that suits those engaging in the act.

It can help to talk with your partner(s) about your preferences to find an option that works for everyone.

Best condom for a natural feeling

Always read the pack instructions

For many, sex feels better with lube. Choosing a lubricated condom can therefore be a great way to promote both safety and enjoyment. If you’re looking for a little more smoothness during sex, Durex Thin Feel Extra Lubricated condoms are another excellent choice.

The Durex Nude condom could also be a consideration, with its extra-thin profile designed to maximise sensations. The Durex Real Feel condom could be another great choice as well. Not only does it give that incredible skin-on-skin feeling, but it’s also latex-free for those who suffer from latex sensitivity.

Wanting a more stimulating experience?

Though a natural feel can often provide the pleasure you desire from sex, sometimes there’s a want for added enjoyment. In such situations, dotted or ribbed condoms can provide enhanced stimulation.

Designed with intricately textured surfaces, these condoms help to provide added stimulation inside the vagina.

Looking for something a little more intense?

The perfect condom to help unleash her orgasm; Durex Intense Ribbed and Dotted condoms are a great choice if you’re looking for something to help you get the most out of sex.

The best condoms for oral sex

Oral sex can be enjoyable for both partners. When performing fellatio, a condom can provide protection from STIs. In some instances, however, the feeling of the condom in the mouth can put a dampener on the experience. The Durex Nude condom provides a smooth experience with its thinness. For those who prefer a more playful and fun experience when performing oral sex, flavoured condoms can add an extra touch of excitement.

Sex is a natural desire, so it makes total sense that we want it to feel just that way.

However, it’s important to practice safe sex – so be sure to read the pack instructions whenever using a product that is new to you.

Want to know more when it comes to all things sex? Our Explore Sex blog covers everything from fanny farts to analingus. Head over and read more now or check out the range of condoms available to shop online.

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