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Helping To Ease Painful Sex During Pregnancy


Pregnancy can be filled with excitement, but if you’re adding painful sex to the less joyful moments then you’re not alone. We take a look at the possible causes, and what you can do to ease any discomfort.  

The excitement that pregnancy often brings can be accompanied by a sack-load of not-so-cool stuff. Like morning sickness, tiredness… and painful sex. Whether you’re in your first, second or third trimester, discomfort during sex isn’t something you should dismiss, or have to put up with. Here’s the lowdown of some possible causes, and what you can do to ease any discomfort.   

Is painful sex normal during pregnancy?

Every woman’s experience of pregnancy is unique and so are people’s perceptions of pain, so it’s hard to answer with a straight yes or no. Feeling less comfortable during sex in pregnancy is very common and the reasons why are endless: after all, you’re making a new life, so your body’s resources are working overtime. Sex can take energy on the best of days, and during pregnancy everything from tiredness to back pain can take the pleasure out of what should be a fun experience.    

Should I worry about painful sex when I’m expecting?   

It’s totally understandable to worry about any pain during sex, however mild. Especially if before you got pregnant you didn’t notice any discomfort. Take note, however, that pain is not always a sign of a problem, especially if no other symptoms are accompanying it.  

Of course, if you’re at all unsure about the source of pain, your first port of call should be your doctor, as they will be able to explore the potential problem further.     

Why might sex be painful during pregnancy?   

No-one needs to remind you of what’s happening in your body right now: You’re no doubt seeing and feeling the changes! The most obvious reason for discomfort is the growth of your belly. Your bump might restrict movement, and make it harder for you to get into your favourite positions. Pregnancy might be the perfect time to get creative and try different things – such as side-by-side positions – that are less likely to put undue pressure on your stomach.  

Your boobs might also be a bit tender during pregnancy, which can sometimes make things a little uncomfortable. Chat to your partner openly about being gentle with them and maybe even switching focus to another one of your erogenous zones.  

Is late pregnancy the most common time for painful sex?   

You can experience painful sex at any point of your journey – after all, your body is working miracles from day one to create a new human.  You may find that sex in the first trimester is uncomfortable because of early pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, tiredness, tender breasts or indigestion that you may be experiencing. Understandably, this might mean that any hanky-panky is off the menu until you feel better.  

If you’ve had a normal pregnancy without any complications, when you have sex or an orgasm towards the end of your pregnancy, you may feel mild contractions (where the muscles of your womb go hard). Don’t worry. This is completely normal. If this happens, try some relaxation techniques or lie down and rest until the contractions pass. Getting to know what feels good (and what doesn’t) at different points in your pregnancy is key to having better sex.

Does pregnancy make you horny?

You might feel a spike in your sex drive, but this is not the case for every woman. If your mind’s telling you yes, but your body’s saying the opposite, it’s wise to explore the best ways to increase comfort. From easing general aches and pains to increasing vaginal moisture, there are plenty of tricks to ensure you feel as good as you deserve to. If sex is occasionally painful because of vaginal dryness then we have one word for you: Lube. 

Is lube safe to use during early pregnancy?   

It’s always a good idea to check with your midwife or doctor first. If they tell you lubes are safe to use, you could try our range of Durex Naturals Lube, which are made of 100% natural ingredients, and won’t mess with your body’s pH. It’ll treat your vagina to all the moisture it needs to help you move freely and enjoy the ride. You can use it with sex toys and even invite your partner to apply it down there, if your bump is making certain areas hard to reach!    

What other ways can you make sex more comfortable during pregnancy? 

Supporting your body with pillows in all the right places can be a quick, simple way of getting more comfy. Sex encompasses so many different things, so if you’re finding it hard to get your kicks in the same ways you did before getting pregnant, don’t fret. Experimenting with sex toys, masturbation, sensual massage and anything else that has the power to trigger a good sensation can be great ways to feel more relaxed. And very often, you’ll find that some of these new things become old favourites that you’ll enjoy doing whether pregnant or not.   

Talking with your partner is a way of checking in and voicing how you feel on different days. Patience, a gentle touch, and a deeper understanding of what you like are all gained from you being open and honest about what you want, and how you want it.   

If you’re keen to explore our range of lubes, why not take our quiz to see which one is most suitable for you? 


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