What’s the deal with sex headaches?

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What are sex headaches and how are they caused?


Are headaches getting in the way of your sex life? A sex headache might be the culprit, and they can put a serious cramp on your sex life. 

Not tonight… I have a headache

Sex headaches can be brought on by sex and may be heightened just before or during climax. Some people might notice a slow, dull ache building around their neck, however, for others the headache is sudden and severe just before or during orgasm.

Should I worry if I get a headache during sex?

In general, sex headaches – although they may be annoying – might not be serious and may come and go at various points in your life.

Here are some facts you might want to know if you, or your partner(s), are experiencing this in your sex lives.

What are the symptoms of a sex headache?

Sex headaches can last a couple of minutes, however, for some people the pain can linger for hours.

In general, there are two types of sex headache:

A dull ache in the head and neck that intensifies as sex progresses

A sudden and severe headache, which occurs before or at the point of orgasm.

How long can sex headaches last and how often does it happen?

Some sex headaches can last a couple of minutes, however, for some people the pain can linger for hours, or even the rest of the day. In terms of frequency, again this can vary – for some the headaches may appear in clusters over a period of months, however, others might only ever experience a sex headache once in their life, or even never for some!

What causes sex headaches?

Sex headaches can be caused by any type of sexual activity that causes arousal and stimulation. Sex headaches can affect anyone. But risk factors for headaches during or after sex include:

Being male. Men are more prone to having sex headaches.

History of migraines. Experience of migraines increases your risk of experiencing sex headaches.

How do you treat a sex headache?

Some sex headaches last for only a very short period, therefore sometimes no medication is needed, however, for those headaches that tend to linger on, a pain relief method may be needed.

You should always seek professional advice before taking medication just in case there is an underlying cause as to why the headaches are occurring.

How can I prevent a sex headache?

You may be able to avoid one if you stop having sex before you climax. Staying relaxed and calm during sex can also help to prevent headaches from occurring, allowing your body to build up slowly to orgasm.

When should I seek medical help for sex headaches?

If the headaches are so severe that they are affecting the quality or your life please speak to a healthcare professional. A few doctors may prescribe medication, or refer you to a specialist for further investigation.

In some cases, head pain during orgasm may indicate a serious issue. If your sex headache is accompanied by other problems such as a stiff neck or vomiting, its recommended to get this checked out by your doctor as soon as possible.

There are things you can do about your sex headaches, so you’re not sentenced to avoiding sex or orgasms all your life!

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