Lube 101: Your guide to personal lubrication


Lube 101: Your guide to personal lubrication

Whether you are a total lube novice, or you have been using it for some time but are looking for new tips on how to get more enjoyment out of it; this guide should help you find the lube for you. Help maximise your sexual pleasure by reading this guide and getting all of the information you need about lubricants.

What is lube?

Lube is a specially formulated gel or liquid that can be applied to intimate areas to increase pleasure and ease discomfort during sex.

During the build up to sex, your natural moisture usually increases due to heightening sexual excitement. However, for a variety of reasons, you may need a little extra help to achieve enough lubrication so that sex is more pleasurable and to help make it comfortable for both you and your partner. While natural lubrication can decrease at different points of your life due to stress, medication, health and hormonal changes; using lube can be very effective during these periods.

Even if you don’t have a problem with dryness, lube can be used to help stimulate and enhance sexual experiences and to make the act of sex, as well as oral sex, more pleasurable in many ways. It can help to increase sensations felt during sex between you and your partner.

What type of lube should I use?

There are many different types of lubes that you can use. All of them have different qualities that can help to improve your sexual experiences. Below we have listed the two main types of lubricants that we provide at Durex.

1. Water-based lube

Water based lubes are lighter than other lubricant types. They are suitable for sensitive skin, are non-sticky and easy to wash off. Durex water based lubes won’t stain your sheets and are water soluble. We have a wide variety of water-based lubes at Durex. You can find water based lubes that double-up as a sensual 2 in 1 massage gel, and even strawberry flavoured lube.

Our Durex Play range of lubes designed to make sex better

Lubes that contain a naturally moisturising formula are great for those who want a more natural feeling without having to use silicone or other ingredients that may not agree with your body. Durex Naturals Intimate Gel has been specially formulated to include a 100% natural moisturising formula. As well as being safe to use with condoms and sex toys, the Naturals Intimate Gel contains pre-biotics to help maintain the skin's balance and help support its moisture.

2. Silicone-based lube

Silicone lubricant offers a different texture to other lubricants such as water-based lubricants. Significantly thicker than water-based lube, silicone lubes are not easily absorbed into the skin or mucus membranes, making it last much longer so you can get on without having to stop and re-apply.

At Durex, we have a great range of silicone lubes. For long lasting and silky-smooth pleasure, try our Durex Perfect Glide Silicone Based Gel Lube.

Condoms and Lube: Can they be used together?

Most Durex lubes are compatible with condoms, however we always recommend reading the label before use to check as sometimes certain ingredients used in lube is not compatible with condoms. If the lube you have chosen is compatible with condoms, you can add the lube to the outside of the condom once it’s on.

If you ever used oil-based lubricants, these are usually not compatible with condoms as the oil can cause the condom to disintegrate.

Is lube safe to swallow?

Most water-based lubes are suitable for oral sex and our flavoured lubricants are sugar free. Lubes such as our Durex Play Cheeky Cherry lubricant are the perfect sweet addition to vaginal, anal or oral sex.

How much lube should I use?

There are no set rules regarding how much lube to use. The best thing to do is experiment and see how it feels for both yourself and your partner. If you are trying a new lubricant or if this is the first time you have used any kind of lube, start off with a small amount, gently applying it to desired areas using your fingertips.

If you are enjoying the sensation of the extra lubrication, then feel free to keep applying. Many lubes also double up as massage gel, so why not give your partner a slow sensual massage during sex to stimulate their senses even further?

How long does lube last?

As a general rule, lube should be used within three months of opening. There is no need to keep your lube in the fridge, however, it is advisable to keep it out of direct heat or sunlight and in a cool cupboard away from pets or children. 

Can I use lube for masturbation?

Yes! Lube can be a perfect playmate when it comes to masturbation. If you like the stimulating feel of lubricants while you masturbate, use our Durex Play Tingling Water Based Gel Lube.

Although not a gel for lubrication, the Durex Intimate Orgasmic Gel provides sensual feelings of warming, cooling and tingling with just a few drops. And don’t forget ladies, stimulating the clitoris with this delightful gel can help to give you the earth-shattering experiences that you deserve. We think all ladies should lube up to help them better and comfortable sex.

Keep these top tips in mind when choosing your next lube to buy. Lube doesn’t just need to be limited to intercourse either, a bottle of lubricant can be your best friend when it comes to foreplay and oral sex.