Better Fit = Better Feel: Finding Your Best Condom Size & Fit

Want to find the best condom fit for you? This will get you started


No two penises are the same; they come in many shapes, sizes and girths. (And that’s ok.) So, it makes sense that there are condoms for lots of different penises too. An important thing to remember: Find the condom that fits you best and feels comfortable and secure.

So, if you’re not sure and want to find your best condom fit you can try our measurement tool. With Durex, you can find your best fit and love your sex.

Everyone is different, but your best fit should always feel comfortable and secure; that’s why our condoms come in different sizes & fits.

Before you find the condom that’s perfect for you, remember that there are several indicators your condom isn’t the right fit. For example, if it’s too tight, too loose, or if it just doesn’t fit properly. Everyone is different, but the right fit should always feel comfortable and secure; that’s why our condoms come in different fits: close fit, regular fit, and wide fit. Find your Durex, find your feeling!



Finding a condom that fits correctly can lead to safer and more pleasurable sex for everyone.

A condom should feel secure at the base, and comfortably sit over the full length of the penis. If a condom is too loose, you risk the chance of the condom slipping off during sex. The best fit? A snug one, that doesn’t move around freely. You may have heard a lot about the length before, but it is all about the girth, it is what makes the difference and ensures the condom fits well!

Using a condom correctly reduces the risk of pregnancy and protects against sexually transmitted infections during vaginal, anal, or oral sex. If it’s ill-fitting, then there’s an increased risk of breakage and slippage, so that all-important protection might be compromised.

To put it simply, fit is THE key thing when it comes to choosing your condom. Don’t limit your pleasure – find the best fit for you and feel the difference.

Durex condoms are designed to accommodate different penis sizes. However, certain condoms are better for particular girths, so it’s a good idea to find out what feels good for you and your partner(s).

If a condom is too loose, it may roll up the shaft during intercourse, which could leave the condom not fitting securely. Not only does this reduce the effectiveness of the condom, but it can also ruin the moment when you have to stop and remove it. If the condom is not feeling comfortable or secure, then remove it safely and use a condom that’s a better fit.

If a condom is too tight, the ring which sits around the base of the condom could snap during intercourse, which can result in the condom tearing. This can result in the effectiveness of the condom being diminished and can increase the risk of STI transmission and risk of pregnancy. Another downside to a condom that is too tight – it can restrict blood flow and can reduce your pleasure.

Condom too loose?

If you feel that your condom always slips off or feels baggy, perhaps you should look at a narrower option, such as Durex Thin Feel Close Fit. You’ll find our sizing for close, regular, and wide fit gives you plenty of choices when it comes to finding the best fit for you. If a condom is too loose, you increase the risk of the condom slipping off during intercourse. If a condom is fitted correctly, however, it will reduce the risk of slippage and breakage.

Condom too tight?

Perhaps you feel that every condom you try always feels too tight. Durex Originals XL are wide fit condoms that have been designed to provide comfort to those of you who need it. It sounds obvious, but it is really important to use a condom that is not too small. How tight should a condom be, we hear you ask?

A condom should be ‘snug’, and comfortably sit over the full length of the penis and allow room for air in the tip. A tight condom can not only cause great discomfort but increases the risk of the condom tearing during intercourse. It also restricts blood flow, which in turn can have an impact on your pleasure. Finding your best fit can really matter a lot when it comes to confidence, safety, and performance.

Know how wide you need your condom to be? With our condom size shown on our packs and online, it’s easier than ever to find your best fit. Simply look for ‘How Wide’ displayed with every pack and select the right size and fit for you. Next up, let’s talk about how thin you would like your condom to be.

Condom thickness

Some like it ultra-thin. Some like it to feel there’s a little more to it. Our condoms come in different thickness options to allow you to find one that best meets your needs. For greater sensitivity, try our Durex Thin Feel Condoms. If you’re looking for something extra, you could always try our Durex Pleasure Me Condoms, with stimulating ribbed and dotted textures for extra stimulation!

So, you’ve got the right condom fit, and you’ve found the thickness that matches your preference. Now you need to think about the lubrication of your condom.

Condom Lubrication

The lube icon on Durex condom packs refers to the lubrication of your condom. Our condoms come pre-lubricated and some of them are extra lubricated, to help make sex even smoother. And if anal sex is your thing, or you just want to get some more glide action, we recommend adding some extra lube too. Remember to always read the condom and lube packs to check for compatibility as some lubricants and oils might not be ok to be used together.

Ready to explore the world of pre-lubricated condoms? Simply look for ‘How Smooth’ on our packs to guide your way. Check out our offers page today to get started!

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