Everything you need to know about flavoured condoms

When it comes to condoms - what’s your flavour?

Flavoured condoms are often seen as something of a novelty.

Despite providing a great alternative to regular condoms whilst remaining fully functional for most kinds of sex, the concept when raised with a partner can still evoke more laughter than lustful looks.

Take our Strawberry Flavoured Condoms for example. Not without a sense of fun, they certainly have the potential to make your significant other look slightly comical with their red colouring. However, they also happen to be very versatile, extremely stimulating from a sensory perspective, and an incredibly easy way to add a little flavour to your sex life.

Essentially, when used correctly, flavoured condoms can be a serious asset to your night-time naughty draw. Need more convincing? Let’s unwrap the rubber.


Historically, flavoured condoms have been more targeted at oral sex. They’re flavoured for a reason, you know. A lot of us love engaging in oral sex with a loved one but a fair few of us also don’t particularly like the taste of our partner’s penis - the flavoured condom is the perfect antidote to this.

But it’s not all about oral. Lately, flavoured condoms have entered many couples’ must-have lists because they provide a great alternative to regular condoms for penetrative sex.

They often have a pleasant aroma and so they can easily add another layer or dimension to your sexual experience; heightening the stimulation of one sense and you can find this has a cascading effect on other senses.

Essentially, flavoured condoms are made with the express intent of making sex more fun, without losing the general safe sex guarantee that normal condoms provide. No protection is 100% effective but when used correctly, you can certainly rely on a Durex flavoured condom to be as effective as a regular one.


Flavoured condoms can certainly be used for penetrative sex, provided you choose one that has been designed for it.

For most couples, whether that be same-sex or mixed, over the years sex can lose a certain amount of excitement. The benefit of introducing a flavoured condom into the mix is that it can add that little bit extra to your experience with very little hassle.

Obviously, when using a flavoured condom for intercourse you lose the added benefit of the taste however, if you have used the condom during foreplay before sex, you will have already enjoyed the flavoursome benefits to their full extent.

If you want to bring in a flavoured condom purely for its aroma though, this won’t in any way interfere with your tried and tested sex routine. The Durex Strawberry Flavoured Condom is perfectly safe for both vaginal and anal penetration, so there should be no concern about using it for all your favourite positions.


Some flavoured condoms cannot be used for vaginal sex as a sugar-based lube may have been used to give it that enticing sweet taste. When used vaginally, this sugary base can affect the PH balance of the vagina and can, in extreme cases, lead to thrush.

Where new sexual experiences are concerned, it is always better to be safe than sorry. When you are buying and trying any new products, regardless of where they are from, be sure to read the label, follow the instructions and be careful and considerate with your partner.


Yes, flavoured condoms are safe. No condom is 100% effective at preventing pregnancy or protecting against sexually transmitted diseases, but Durex flavoured condoms are equally as effective as other condoms.

If you are struggling in general with safe condom use, why not check out our ultimate guide to condom usage? This will ensure that when your discreetly packaged box of Durex condoms lands on your doorstep, you are more than ready to let your adventure begin.


Flavoured condoms can make a wonderful gift or can simply lend a bit of creativity to your Friday night, and what better place to start than our Strawberry Flavoured Condoms? Designed to tantalise your senses and sweeten your sexual experience, they bring more than just fun to the bedroom with them.

Why strawberry flavour I hear you ask? Ever the crowd pleaser, strawberry is both pleasant on the taste buds and seductive as an aroma. The vibrant, luscious red of a strawberry is synonymous with romance and sex – it really ticks all the boxes and is sure to please.

If you are looking to mix things up a little, bring a little flavour to the bedroom or just try something new and exciting, why not shop the Durex Strawberry Flavoured Condom now?

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