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The Battle Of The Fit: Durex's Guide To Thin Condoms


Finding the perfect condom for you and a partner can be a bit challenging. Enhance sensitivity and arousal and get the ultimate feeling with your partner, discover pleasure with our guide on Durex's range of thin condoms today.

Durex Invisible

Extra Sensitive and extra thin compared to our standard condoms, enjoy one of the thinnest condoms ever developed by Durex for irresistible pleasure with a partner.

Designed to maximise sensitivity and protection, our Durex Invisible condoms come in either extra sensitive or extra lubricated. Straight walled & teat ended, feel more sensation with our extra sensitive condoms, or enjoy a passionate and intimate night with extra lubricated condoms for a truly pleasurable experience.

Durex Thin Feel

Providing a high level of reassurance and protection that you and a partner need for a deeper more intimate connection, Thin Feel condoms are the perfect option if you want to try a thinner condom for greater sensitivity. Designed with you in mind, these condoms are shaped to be easier to put on while providing a sleek fit and feel during those intimate moments. Add intensity for both you and your partner, for a feeling of deep connection and real intense contact.

Durex Thin Feel Ultra-Thin

If you’re looking for a condom with a tighter fit, try the Ultra-thin condom. With a nominal width of 52 mm compared to many Durex condoms that boast 56mm, Durex Ultra-thin condoms are super fine to give you and a partner even greater sensitivity where it’s needed. Create a magical evening and help keep the intimacy alive with every moment and sensation.

Want to try some more thin condoms? Our Feel Intimate, Thin Feel Extra lubricated, Thin Feel Close Fit and our new Naturals condoms all have the same thickness as the thin condoms mention above (52 or 55µ). Head over and explore the Durex thin range now. Don’t forget, for the optimal security between you and your partner, condoms should be placed in a cool dry place away from sunlight and always be sure to read the instructions before use.


Want to know more about all things sex? Head over to our Explore Sex blog now. Want more help when it comes to selecting a new condom? Our handy Condom Buying Guide has got you covered.



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