10 Yoga Positions You Can Use For Sex

Good sex can sometimes do with a good stretch

What you may not have considered is the fact that many of yoga positions can be used quite easily in the bedroom.

Yoga and sex have a lot in common – and it boils down to decreasing stress levels. You may find that some of your yoga positions need only slight alterations to transform them into thrilling sex positions.

If you are a yoga novice, we certainly don’t recommend attempting to adapt advanced positions such as the firefly, but here are loads of of sexy yoga poses that could seriously add some flexibility to your night-time activities. However, if you are a yoga novice or have existing injuries we recommend checking with your doctor first.

Want to know more about yoga and sex? Here are 10 sexy yoga positions to try right now.


Cat pose
The cat pose is achieved from the hands and knees position. From here, simply round your spine toward the ceiling with your head remaining face down in neutral.

This position is easily adaptable for sex and can be used by both men and women. The pose is basically the doggy position - however, with the receiver arching their back, you may both experience new sensations with the vagina and anus angled differently.


Cow pose
Think of the cow pose as the opposite of the cat pose and you can see why it makes such a great sexy yoga position. As with the cat position, begin on your hands and knees. This time, instead of arching your back up to the ceiling, you need to arch your back to the floor, whilst keeping your head facing forward.

This position is a natural variation of the regular doggy position however, with the back arched downward, you may experience new sensations once your partner has entered you.


Downward dog
The downward dog sex position is almost identical to its yoga counterpart. To achieve regular downward dog, from a standing position, place your hands on the floor with your arms, back and legs straight, achieving an inverted ‘v’ shape.

Typically, with downward dog, your feet would be shoulder-width apart. To transform it into a thrilling sex position, just increase the distance between your feet so your partner has plenty of room to enter you either anally or vaginally from behind.


Bridge pose
To achieve the bridge pose, begin by laying on your back, then bend your knees and set your feet on the floor. Push your hands into the floor to lift your bum and back upward. You should now be resting on your shoulders and arms. You can clasp your hands together underneath you to make the pose more secure if needed.

The bridge pose is easily adapted for sex - all you need to do is increase the distance between your feet before beginning the pose. This should allow your partner the space to move in between your legs and enter you.


Garland pose
The garland pose is a classic yoga position. It also happens to double up well for sex. Achieve the garland pose by squatting with your feet close together. Separate your thighs so they are pointing out to the side and then press your elbows against your inner thighs with your hands in a salutation seal.

This position works fantastically well for sex. Just ensure you are standing on a firm enough surface, so you don’t fall over. Put your feet on either side of your partner’s hips as you descend into the garland. Allow your partner to enter you as you achieve the completed pose.

From here, you can either let your partner do the work or you can rock backwards and forwards or up and down to get the most out of it.


Big toe pose
The big toe pose is most certainly a more intermediate yoga pose for sex. Start by standing up straight, then bend over and take hold of your big toe whilst keeping your legs straight. This pose is great for flexibility and circulation, it also happens to leave you in the perfect pose to be entered either anally or vaginally.

The dramatic curve of the hips should change the direction of your bum and vagina, which could lead to some wonderful sensations. Just ensure that your partner has a good hold of your hips, so you don’t go falling over.


Bow pose
This is by no means an easy one to achieve, whether it be for regular yoga or as a yoga sex position. Begin by lying flat on your tummy with the back of your hands flat on the floor by your flank. Bend your knees and point your feet toward the ceiling. As you do this, raise your shoulders and bring your arms up. Take hold of your ankles - your body should now be in a ‘U’ shape.

To adapt this for sex, your partner can attempt to manoeuvre themselves between your open legs and enter you. This can be very tricky to achieve and so, if unsuccessful, you can always use this position to try some creative oral sex.


Crane pose

You thought the bow pose was tricky? The crane pose is even more difficult. The crane, or crow, pose relies on precise counterbalancing of your body weight.

Start in a squatting position with your hands flat on the floor. Position your bended knees behind your arms and lean forward. As you shift your body weight forward, transfer all weight onto your hands and lift your feet off the floor.

The crane pose is certainly a tricky one, so when adapting it for sex we recommend you alter the pose so that one foot always remains on the floor. Once the pose is achieved, your partner can easily enter you from behind whilst supporting you by holding your hips.


Dolphin plank pose
The dolphin plank is an easy yoga position to achieve; maintaining the position is where you may find you have difficulty.

Start by lying prone with your feet shoulder-width apart. Pick yourself up so that you are resting on the tips of your toes and forearms (elbows at a right angle). Just be sure to keep your body straight, and you have successfully entered the dolphin plank.

Turning this position into a sex position is easy. Simply spread your legs to allow your partner room to manoeuvre in between them. From here, they can assume whatever position is easiest to penetrate you, whether that be the usual doggy position or something a little more intricate.


Sphinx pose

The pose is very easy to achieve, simply lay face down on the floor with your arms bent at the elbow and your hands face down adjacent to your shoulders. From here, push down with your hands to bring your shoulder and head off the ground. With your back curved and your hands out in front of you, you should look like the perfect sphinx.

From here, have your partner kneel in front of you so his penis is perfectly aligned with your mouth; he’s sure to have a night he won’t quickly forget.

Apart from the benefits of yoga when it comes to stress relief, weight loss, and improvement of digestion – yoga can also improve overall sexual function.  

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