6 Ways To Wear Your Pubic Hair

Hair today gone tomorrow – pubic styling tips for all


It’s official: the best way to wear your pubic hair is… however you want to. In a world of infinite pubic possibilities, when it comes to beauty and sex, the first and most important thing to say is – you do you. If you want to wax, wax away. And if you feel empowered when you’re at your most natural, embrace it.

But, if you’re looking for a few tips to shake up your down-there style or you’re just curious about other ways to wear it, we’ve got you. Body positivity (or should we say pubic positivity?) is all about feeling bold in your own skin. We’re just here to shine a light on some of the ways to let your sexual hair shine.

Body positivity is all about feeling bold in your own skin


Before we get into the styles, let’s talk trimming. If you’re looking for a light tidy-up, a small pair of scissors or hair clippers. with safety features built-in should do the trick. Even if you’re prepping to shave, trimming your hair down as short as possible before you begin can save you time, and help to stop those nasty ingrown hairs and razor burns. Just be sure to trim with care.

Once you’re all trimmed up, using a shaving cream or gel on damp skin can also make sure your sharp new razor glides with ease. And, if you start by shaving in the direction of the hair growth, you can keep irritation to a minimum: ideal for everyone involved. So, let’s get down to business:

1. The All Off

Also known as The Hollywood, The Sphinx, The Clean Shave, the list of names for this first style goes on. While you can wax or shave it, this isn’t recommended for a wax first-timer – as it involves removing all the pubic hair around the genital and anal region to leave a completely blank canvas.

Rumour has it, the treatment was first offered in a New York salon set up by seven Brazilian sisters in the early 1990s. Some people love the way having no hair down there feels and say that it increases sensitivity and can make oral sex feel better.

2. The Brazilian

This widely popular style is like the first, but with a little bit of hair left at the front. Pubic hair is turned into a thin strip or small triangle and removed from two to three finger-widths above the entire pubic area. Some people have almost all their hair removed down below.

This is a good option if you want something in the middle, as it keeps some natural hair but maintains some order.

3. The Landing Strip

There are lots of names for this one and depending on where in the world you are, it could also be called a Bikini XX, French wax, or simply the 'Landing Strip. Whatever you call it, this style involves waxing or shaving your pubic hair to, as the name suggests, leave a strip that leads vertically up from areas like the vulva or base of the penis.

It can resemble a Brazilian, but the main difference is that hair from regions like the labia and bum crack remain untouched. Great for a minimalist look.

4. The Bermuda Triangle

Also known as The American or Classic Bikini, this involves removing only the pubic hair that would be exposed by something like a bikini or trunks and is great for a pre-holiday tidy-up. The hair at the top of the thighs and under the navel can also be removed if necessary.

The pubic hair is trimmed, leaving behind a natural-looking triangle shape. This option is one of the easiest to do yourself, especially if you’re choosing to shave rather than wax. All you need to do is carefully shave around the general shape of the pubic region, trim down the length, and you’re done.

5. The All Natural

Choosing to keep your pubic hair and remain completely natural is a bold style in its own right. Sexual attractiveness comes in many shapes and sizes and for many, being completely natural is the sexiest option. Like we said at the start, you do you.

Some people say that it feels better and improves sensation for them during intercourse and that they like the smell and feel of their lover’s pubic hair. Keeping it natural is also oh so easy.

6. The Icon

So you’ve considered all kinds of different pubic hair styles and none of them are quite cutting it for you. Perhaps you want something that’s as iconic as you are. Something that adds a little surprise and delight to the downstairs. If this is the case, then you might want to consider a different kind of style.

Icons come in many forms: Bejazzled (decorating your pubic area with gems), dyed (you guessed it, trying different hair colours), love heart (for Valentine’s Day surprises), or even a moustache (a small horizontal strip at the top of the pubic area).

The experimental potential is massive but whatever your preferences, hair or no hair, there’s no right or wrong way to do it – so you can confidently wear your pubic style with pride.

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