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The Durex Advent Calendar; Sex Positions Challenge


Who says Christmas is just for kids? With a new position every day, our adult Advent Calendar Sex Positions Challenge will bring plenty of fun for you and your partner in the run-up to Christmas.

December 1st – The Reacharound

An easy one for starters. Get into the spooning position with one of you entering the other from behind. Then, with hands free to roam, add a Magic Bullet Vibrator to stimulate your partner from the front. If you haven’t tried one before, vibrators can be used all over the body for new and unexpected sensations.

December 2nd – Face to face

Face-to-face positions increase intimacy and it’s fun to watch your partner’s expression as they get more and more into it. One of you sits opposite the other and slides onto their lap, allowing you both to put your legs behind each other. Whoever is on top can then balance in the ready-made cradle formed by their partner’s legs and can interlock their own legs behind their partner’s body. They are then in a position to gently rock or move up and down, using the shoulders or legs to push against.

December 3rd – The Speed Bump

The Speed Bump sex position is great if you like fast fun. One of you lies on their front with legs spread a little and a cushion under their stomach and pelvis. The other enters from behind and off you go.

December 4th – The Squat

One of you lies on your back and the other squats on top facing you, raising themselves up and down, delivering intense sensations for you both. A good work-out, this one will potentially save you a trip to the gym.

December 5th – Melody Maker

You’ll need a comfy chair for this one. One of you sits on the chair and leans back so your head is tipping back, while the other kneels down and enters. There’s an exhilarating rush of blood to your tilted-back head during orgasm.

December 6th - Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet sex position

This is one of the best positions for you to both watch each other’s bodies in action. One of you lies on the bed with legs stretched straight up in the air. The other kneels on the bed to enter, holding on to their partner’s legs while they pick up the pace. Add a cock ring to make this position even more stimulating.

December 7th – The Cowgirl

Another popular one. For the cowgirl, your partner straddles you, facing towards you with knees bent. This is a position that allows your partner to control the thrusts and depth of penetration.

Better still, both of you have your hands free for some manual stimulation or to use a sex toy.

December 8th – Reverse Cowgirl

This time your partner who’s straddling you faces back not forwards. You’ll have to ignore the knock from the carol singers as your partner, leaning forwards slightly and using their knees or thighs for balance, slowly eases themselves down on the penis and away you go.

December 9th – Tight Squeeze

Who said sex is just for the bedroom? This one works best on a hard surface like the kitchen table. Being careful not to squash any stray mince pies, one of you sits on the table and wraps your legs around your partner’s waist as they penetrate you. A go-to position when you have limited space and time.

December 10th – The Crouching Tiger

Crouching Tiger Sex Position

One of you stands at the edge of the bed and bends over with your hands on the mattress, while the other enters from behind. Their hands will be completely free which means a Magic Bullet Vibrator could easily add to the fun. Don’t have one? Quick, there’s still time to add it to your Christmas list.

December 11th – Slow Burn

This one needs a little agility to master, but totally worth it if you get the hang of it. Face each other while each kneeling on opposite knees. Pull yourselves together and interlock by grabbing each other’s opposite bum cheek. If one of you is shorter, you can make penetration easier, by propping up your knee with a cushion until you’re the right height.

December 12th – The Wraparound

Like many of the positions in this Advent Calendar, this one is the Cowgirl with a twist (literally). One of you sits up on the bed with legs outstretched. The other climbs on top facing you, and wraps their legs around your back before moving up and down. This position gets 5 stars for penetration and intimacy.


December 13th – On the Stairs

The Busy Box sex position

Well done, you’re half way through our testing Christmas Advent challenge. For your next position, one of you sits on the stairs with the other facing them a few steps further down at the perfect level to penetrate. Whoever is sitting on the stairs, lifts a leg up and rests it against their partner’s body, leaving both of you with something to push against.

December 14th – Suspended Congress

You’ll have seen this one in the movies. One of you has their back to the wall, while the other grips around the neck and is lifted under the buttocks, using their feet against the wall for support.

December 15th – The Ascending Position

Another variation on the ever-popular Cowgirl position, but this time, putting your legs in a different position provides a different feeling. One of you lies flat on your back while the other sits on top and crosses their legs before being penetrated. The crossed legs can make things feel even tighter for both of you.

December 16th – The Cross

Relatively easy and highly pleasurable, the Cross is an underrated position in our book. One of you lies back in the missionary position and curves your legs over the bum of the other partner who is lying on their side at a right angle to you and facing towards you. With your intimate parts now close together, you have a direct angle for easy penetration.

December 17th – Doggy Style Sex

Or reindeer style, as we say at this time of year. One of you is on all fours supporting yourself with your elbows while the other enters from behind. Not only does the one at the back get a great view, but both hands are free for manual stimulation.

December 18th – Frog Fashion

Not a very sexy name, but don’t let that put you off. For the frog sex position, one of you lies on your back, bends your knees and brings your ankles back to your buttocks. You then raise your shoulders enough to grab hold of your knees. That all takes a bit of agility, but this position is a doddle for the other partner who gets to sit opposite with their legs either side and penetrate.

December 19th – Thigh to Thigh

Thigh to Thigh sex position

Not long till the big day now – it’s amazing how quickly time passes when you’re having fun. For today’s position, one of you kneels down while the other lies on their back in front of them with their legs straight up in the air, with the back of their thighs resting on the front of the other’s, and their feet wrapped around the other’s neck.

It might take a bit of adjusting to find the right position but, when you’re ready, the kneeling partner lifts your hips to penetrate and, with both hands free, can introduce an intimate massager to the party.

December 20th – Absolute 69

Time to take a break from sex positions and indulge in a bit of oral pleasure. The Absolute 69 is a slight variation on the regular 69, and every bit as pleasurable. The difference is, one partner lies directly on top of the other, facedown. This is definitely one of the most fun positions for introducing sex toys into the mix as you get a close-up view of what you’re doing.

December 21st – Mile High Club

For today’s position, start by facing each other. One of you lifts the other up and pins them against the wall, while they wrap their legs around your waist and grip with their thighs.

Standing sex positions can be so energetic, they often lead to both partners climaxing faster than normal, which makes them a good choice if you’re in a hurry.

December 22nd – Late Spring Donkey

Donkeys always seem to pop up around Christmas. For this position, one of you stands up and bends over, keeping your legs as straight as possible and placing your hands flat on the floor for balance. The other holds onto their partner’s waist before gently entering from behind. Go gently with this one or you could find the angle makes things a bit sensitive. Lube is a good addition for this one. Running out? Get it on your Christmas list here.

December 23rd – Sexy Stack

This position brings you face-to-face, which adds to the intimacy. One of you kneels while the other sits in your lap with legs wrapped around and knees on the floor behind. There’s plenty of opportunity for lingering kisses and lots of eye contact as you find your rhythm and rock away.

December 24th – The Loaded Gun

The big day is nearly here, but you’ve still got one more big night ahead. One of you sits on the bed and leans back on your arms. The other, facing away, straddles and, keeping their feet on the floor, leans back on their arms too. This provides the steadiness for the partner underneath to take control and steadily build up momentum.

December 25th – Love Locked

A nice relaxing position for a bit of slow sex after Christmas Day dinner to complete your Advent Calendar challenge. Lie facing each other on your sides. One partner wraps their legs around the other’s hips, and the other enters, starting slowly and gradually increasing the tempo.

Trying new sex positions is a way of discovering pleasures you didn’t know existed. Sex toys can add to the excitement and a cock ring or vibrator could be one of the best Christmas presents you’ve ever given – or received.

Need help gifting your partner this Christmas? take a look at our helpful Christmas gift guide.



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