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Use Gels And Lube For More Play In Foreplay


Sex Blogger Chelsea Black shares her personal thoughts on pleasure gels for foreplay…

One of the things most of us aspire to is great sex. From no strings attached to a marriage that spans decades, we just want to please the other person and ourselves. And yet, as we all know, intimacy can be hit and miss. No matter how much we communicate our wants and desires sometimes we need a little help.

The problem can be as simple as timing; he’s ready, she’s not and vice versa. It’s frustrating and hard to talk about. We know that sometimes making love can go on too long or that it can sometimes not last long enough. Mastering the art of foreplay can ensure a much happier time for both, and make you feel closer as a result.

My secret weapon is gel play. While there are multiple functional uses such as combatting dryness or for anal sex, lubricants are perfect for foreplay, massage and teasing the erogenous zones. The key is simply to find the appropriate lube or gel for the both of you…

The Warmup

I’m always cold. It takes me ages to warm up and no athlete should do anything without stretching and warming up properly. I’m not suggesting a full body warm up as nobody has time or the space for that but a warm up is needed nonetheless.

I suggest the Durex Play Tingling Gel during foreplay as you can caress her breasts or explore and massage his body, making you both feel closer and wanting more. The joys of foreplay is that you can figure out what works best for both of you and be playful with it.

Use Gels And Lube For More Play In Foreplay

The 007

Foreplay wouldn’t be any fun without some gentle finger play but if she’s not ready then it can have the opposite effect. A little silicone-based lube, such as Durex Perfect Glide on your thumb, middle and index finger will literally go a long way to ensuring that your foreplay gets her turned on.

For him, try squeezing some onto your palm and caress his erogenous zones – it lasts longer than other water-based lubes so you can have all the fun, without the hassle of reapplying! Also, if either of you are into gentle anal play, this product is the perfect complement, although you can use an alternative lubricant, if you want to mix it up with different scents or sensations.

The Stimulator

Try rubbing some Durex Play Tingle on her clitoris whilst deeply kissing her. Some on her nipples in between nips and licks can also work in getting her turned on more quickly. The tingling sensation of the lube is close to what women experience after orgasm and it makes that area more sensitive.

Alternatively, if you want to make him quiver with pleasure, try a flavoured lube, such as Play Strawberry which is perfect for oral foreplay and making sure you’re both benefitting from intimacy.

If during love-making you feel like you’ve lost the connection then gels and lubes can be used in between to help get you back to the same place. Breaking up the sex with foreplay intermittently is bound to make any climax more intense so don’t be afraid to experiment with them and find the ways that work best for you. The secret is to always have one handy for when needed…

The Magic of Gels and Lubes written by sex blogger, Chelsea Black and sponsored by Durex.



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