Feeling peachy?

More pleasure less pausing with silicone lube

Make smooth moves with Durex Perfect Glide Lube that’s silicone based and makes sex slippery for longer.

Silicone lubes are one of the best for anal sex because they last longer between applications and don’t dry out easily, giving you more time to focus on each other’s pleasure and stay in the moment.

Lube that’s good for anal

Perfect Glide
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What you'll like
Added fragrances
Doesn't dry out easily
Condom compatible*
Non-silicone sex toy compatible
Long lasting
Silicone Based

Picture this. You’ve been sending flirty texts all week, heavily featuring that peach emoji.

When you’re offered the backstage pass of your dreams.

It’s time. The mood is set.

The curtain is closing.

Time to pull out the lube.

You finally get to feel what phwoar means.

What you say

All sex feels better with lube. Choose your kind of play

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