Being in a long distance relationship can be challenging for you both you and your partner, especially when you have limited time together. Whether your partner lives miles away or has a career that requires them to spend most nights away, here are a few tips to help you navigate your long distance relationship while keeping the romance alive.

Watch the same film together

While distance may seem like a barrier between you and your partner, technology and new software can allow you both the ability to watch movies together even when you’re thousands of miles apart. Not only is this a great way to take your mind off missing one another, it’s a great way to seem like you’re more connected than before. So pick a movie that you both enjoy and share your thoughts on the movie once it’s done.

Send a surprise gift

Everybody loves surprise gifts and in a long-distance relationship, a gift not only serves as a great token of your love and affection but a constant reminder of your commitment to one another. Whether you decide to give something practical for everyday use or that expensive item that they’ve had their eye on; there are numerous gifts that you can get your partner to help offset the feeling of being a part.

Get a bit cheeky

Sending your partner a flirty message or two can seriously spice up your relationship. Although sexting is not a new phenomenon, the benefits of sending intimate messages to one another can help you both maintain a healthy sex life while helping quicken your time apart. Start by sending harmless flirtatious texts and build your way up to sensual pictures to help get you both in the mood. Once you both have worked up your sexual appetite, make sure to finish your teasing with a steamy video chat.

Set an intimacy goal

Scheduling an intimate night in with your partner can bring a fun and exciting element to your relationship, despite the distance. To make the best use of your time spent together, take time to plan an ‘intimacy goal’ for each visit you both have planned. One visit might include staying in bed all weekend to experiment with sex toys, or another could be showing your partner a new position that you want to try out. Whatever you decide, each goal you choose will help increase intimacy leaving you and your partner feeling more fulfilled and connected long after your trip ends.

Introduce a sex toy

Finding creative ways to sexually stay connected with your partner can be a bit of a challenge. However, sex toys not only help release sexual tension when you’re apart, but it can add some much needed variety to your sex life. Whether you decide to choose a vibrator or an intimate massager, there is nothing sexier than your partner hearing you lost in pleasure.


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