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8 Sex Positions For Lazy Mornings


Perfect for Sunday morning lie-ins, these sex positions are great for when you get the urge to be intimate, but are lacking in energy. Sex doesn’t always have to be a high-speed sprint!

So, take your time, put on some of your favourite chilled tunes, and spend the morning creating new experiences between the sheets: morning sex, what could be better? Grab a bottle of lube, some condoms and have a great time...

The Spoon

Begin by the both of you laying on your sides facing the same direction with your man at the back. You should move your bottom towards your partner’s groin as he enters you from behind.

The rhythm should be slow and soft, giving your partner the opportunity to explore your body with his free hands. Not only will this increase pleasure for you, it will give your partner the added benefit of exploring other areas of your body that other positions restrict.

The Double Touch

To start, lay down facing towards each other on your bed or sofa for the most comfort. Use the next hour or so to explore each other’s bodies with your hands and fingers, stroking, massaging and caressing gently as you two become comfortable. Ask your partner how they liked to be touched, and even ask them to demonstrate so you can watch and learn if they are comfortable with your request.
Watching your partner pleasure themselves is sure to be a huge turn on for the both of you, as this will give you some great tips for the future! Using a vibrator or a cock ring to your session will add extra excitement and stimulation to your mutual masturbation session.

High Hips

This is a slight variation of the missionary position, allowing for a deeper penetration with less effort from him, and virtually no effort from you. Begin by lying on your back with a pillow or rolled blanket underneath your hips so that they are slightly raised.

Once he enters you missionary-style, you should bring your legs together as close as possible towards his body. With your thighs pressed tightly, his penis will rub against your inner thighs and clitoris each time he thrusts for extra pleasure.

The Leg Lock

The both of you should lie on your sides, facing each other and start with a passionate kiss. As you two embrace, put your legs in between his so that all four legs are intertwined together. The tighter the lock the better so that you feel extra close and he can go deep as he enters her.

Instead of the usual thrusting movements, try more of a grinding action with slow circular movements to mix things up a little, and ensure that her clitoris gets maximum stimulation.

The Stack

This position will work best for partners who are either a similar weight, and males who are slim. You should lie on your stomach with your arms spread out ahead of you, or to the sides, with a pillow placed underneath your hips.

Your partner should lay on top of you, facing down towards her and enter slowly from behind. Again, a circular motion would be good here, or otherwise a thrust in a slow rhythm. In this position, he can offer you a gentle shoulder massage, caress, or gentle kisses on your neck with his lips and tongue.

Side by Side

Both partners should lie on their sides, facing the same direction. You should raise your top leg slightly, whilst your partner enters you. Once he’s in, lower your leg in order to get comfortable again.

This way, both of you get to relax and be mutually in charge of the speed and depth of the thrusts. See just how slow you can go as you both move towards a mutual climax.

The Lazy 69

For the ultimate oral sex position that will leave you wanting more, begin by the both of you laying on your side in a head-to-toe position, facing each other. Your head should be close to your partner’s groin area, although males who are much taller than their partner may have to bend over slightly to help.

Explore each other’s intimate areas with fingers, mouths and tongues, and take your time to try out different techniques and motions. Using sex toys will also be a good idea in this position as you have free reign to pleasure your partner’s penis or clitoris as much as you like.


Have your partner sit with their legs crossed, or stretched out, depending on how flexible he they are in the hips. You should straddle your partner, facing towards them as you lower yourself down. Once seated on their lap, wrap your legs tightly around their body and grind gently on them, forming your own rhythm.

It’s quite hard to move quickly in this position, which is perfect for a lazy sex session. You can use your pelvic muscles to squeeze your vagina muscles tighter, creating a sensual experience for both parties.




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