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8 Sex Positions To help Maximise Her Pleasure


Good sex is about mutual pleasure and making sure you’re both relaxed, feeling good and up to it, so you can really enjoy yourselves. Try experimenting with these eight positions to turn up the pleasure factor.

1. Figure of eight

This works well for both partners, as the slow, circular movements feel good for her and some guys enjoy being able to take the lead. The angle means that your pubic bone naturally rubs against her clit, which can intensify her pleasure.

Ask your partner to rest on her back with her hips and legs slightly raised – try propping up her hips with a pillow or two. Lie on top of her, placing your legs flat on the bed and holding yourself up with your arms and begin to move slowly in a figure of eight motion.

2. Doggy style

A tried-and-tested classic, doggy style sex is a go-to for many, as the position naturally lends itself to deeper penetration.

As you enter her from behind, try caressing her breasts and kissing her neck to ramp things up even more. You can add to the excitement by using ribbed and dotted condoms or sex toys, such as cock rings.

Man and woman kissing

3. Cowgirl

One of the best positions to help a woman cum is cowgirl sex. This is a woman-on-top position that allows her to control the thrusts and depth of penetration.

For the cowgirl, your partner straddles you, facing towards you with knees bent. The reverse cowgirl position is the same except that she faces your feet.

4. Ankles up

This is an easy twist on the missionary position that offers deeper penetration and gives you easy access to her whole body.

Ask your partner to rest on her back with her ankles over your shoulders. You can also get her to arch her back slightly by using a pillow underneath. That leaves your hands free to caress her breasts or play with her clitoris.

5. One man standing

Not all of the best sex positions are done lying down. This one also allows your lover to play with herself, and you can always reach one hand round to join in the fun.

Ask your partner to crouch on all fours at the end of the bed and instead of mounting her in doggy style, stand behind her and guide her onto your penis as you hold her hips.

6. The bridge

Slightly more advanced, your partner will be familiar with this position if she’s into yoga. If not, ask her to lie on her back with legs bent and knees apart and the soles of her feet flat on the bed.

She can then push her weight into her heels, lifting her hips up to make an arch shape and her upper back resting on the bed. This allows you to penetrate her deeply, kneeling between her open legs while supporting her hips with your hands.

7. Spooning

For something a little more intimate, why not try the spooning sex position? This doesn’t allow penetration to be as deep as some other positions but it’s a good choice if you’re in the mood for a cuddle.

While lying sideways on the bed, press yourself into your lover from behind. Having her hold her legs together makes the fit tighter and helps to intensify the feeling.



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