Sex Toys 101: Beginner’s Guide to Vibrators

From tiny but mighty bullets to rabbits and dildos, let’s talk sex (toys)


When it comes to sex toys, there is a huge range to choose from these days – which is wonderful news if you’re looking for good vibes. There really is something to tickle everyone’s taste. And, if you’re not keen on one type of toy, the beauty is you can always experiment with all sorts of toys until you find something that suits your body.

Whether you use them alone for self-pleasure or as part of sex with your partner(s), sex toys are a great way to spice up your sex life and get things nice and steamy beneath (or on top of) the sheets. But where to begin with vibrators? And how are they different from dildos? Let’s get into it.

Vibrators come in all shapes, styles, and sizes

What is a vibrator?

While vibrators come in a range of shapes, styles, and sizes, they are sex toys that can be used to stimulate areas like the clitoris by providing direct pulses and vibrations.

They offer a variety of benefits and features to help physically stimulate and sexually arouse the user and offer deep stimulation on any spot they’re used on. There’s a great variety on the market too; from smaller bullet options, which fit discreetly and conveniently into handbags, to rabbit vibrator toys which have additional surfaces designed to provide direct clitoral stimulation on the outside whilst also stimulating within.

Vibrators also offer control to those using them, as often they have variable speed settings or functions which allow you to adjust the toy to suit your current mood and needs. There are vibrators that can be controlled by Bluetooth so you can get some remote stimulation and you can even find mini vibrators incorporated into other sex toys – just like Durex’s Little Devil vibrating cock ring.

So, what’s a dildo?

On the other hand, a dildo is a phallic-shaped sex toy used for penetration of the vagina or anus. They don’t have a motor, battery, or multiple settings and do not pulsate or vibrate – leaving it up to the user to hit the pleasurable spots. Just add lubes (especially if anal is your thing) for an even smoother experience.

Dildos are good for people who want to experience pleasure or deeper penetration of which they are in control. The fact that they lack some of the extra features of vibrators can make them more difficult to experience orgasm for some people but have lots of benefits too (like never needing to recharge them).

Available in different sizes and made from comfortable materials, they are a handy sex toy to have around but tend to lose out to the extra functions of vibrators.

How do I use a vibrator?

There’s no one way to definitively use a vibrator, as they’re all so different. Equally, it’s important for you to just do you and find what works best. But one way to use them might be holding or stroking a vibrator against areas like the clitoris for stimulation. Pairing with a lube is also a great way to not only make sure that the sensual experience goes smoothly, but it can make sex more pleasurable for everyone!

Remember, there are lots of other important erogenous zones you can use them on too. Try tracing small circles around areas like the nipples, or holding it, so it gently hums against the shaft of a penis, or perineum (the patch of skin between the testicles and anus).

If you’re using them with lubes, try our range of Durex Sex Toys as they’re compatible for each other. Of course, it’s ok to use your own choices – just make sure you check your lubes usage instructions to make sure it’s compatible with whatever toy you’re using and remember to clean them after play!

What types of vibrators are there?

With so many types of pulsating and vibrating toys out there, it’s hard to give a definitive list. But there are four common types of vibrators we can talk about;

    • Bullet vibrators
    • Classic vibrators
    • Personal massagers
    • Rabbit vibrators

The discreet and petite bullet vibrator is tiny but mighty

Bullet vibrators

The discreet and petite bullet vibrator is tiny but mighty. Their small size makes them ideal for travel, and their shape is perfect for direct, pinpoint clitoral stimulation – getting to the big O isn’t a recipe, so explore what works best for you!

Bullets are great as simple first-time toys, and while they’re fantastic for solo play, they’re also wonderful to use to add a beautiful clitoral buzz during intercourse, since they’re unintimidating and little enough not to get in the way. They’re only really designed for external use – not so much for insertion. If you’re looking for sex toys that provide internal stimulation, try a classic vibrator or rabbit instead.

Classic vibrators

Traditionally shaped ‘classic’ vibrators work a lot like bullets, but because they’re larger and longer, you can also use them for internal stimulation as well as to hum against other erogenous zones.

Some people find the familiar, straightforward shape and size of classic vibes reassuring – there’s nothing too bewilderingly new-fangled about them.

Personal massagers

Intimate personal massagers are modern sex toys with fresh, ergonomic designs that make them maximally versatile. As well as offering clitoral stimulation, they can be used to give a relaxing, sensual massage all over the body for both partners that can act as a spine-tingly delicious aspect of foreplay, or simply an intimate way to wind down after a long day.

Because they’re not solely for sexual use, they can provide a gentle and simple way to introduce toys to a relationship for the first time.

Rabbit vibrators

Finally, the rabbit sex toy is perhaps one of the most famous masturbators in the world. The rabbit has two key parts to it: the main shaft, which is usually inserted into the vagina and vibrates against the vaginal passage, and smaller protruding ‘ears’, which nestle against the clitoris. The intended result? Comprehensive stimulation of the genitals that might even lead to orgasm.

Ever wondered how to use a rabbit sex toy? Our helpful rabbit vibrator guide is filled with great advice on how to get the most out of your new best friend. With so many different vibrators available to buy, the choice is completely yours. They all have one thing in common though, they are designed to bring you and your lover maximum pleasure.

And remember to use sex toys responsibly and safely as per product instructions.

Always read the instructions.


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