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Durex UK Occasion Box Blow PlayBox
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Durex UK Bundles Blow PlayBox
Durex UK Bundles Blow PlayBox
Durex UK Bundles Blow PlayBox
Durex UK Occasion Box Blow PlayBox



Ready to sweeten each other up? When it comes to oral sex, edible lubes can sweeten and smoothen your experience for some truly juicy oral fun. Plus, it feels even more pleasurable for the giver and the receiver.

Explore new ways to enjoy oral play with lube with the Durex Blow PlayBox, carefully designed for your intimate pleasure, and offers a delightful combination of sensual lubrication with a hint of fruity flavours. Unveil the discreet packaging to discover two 100ml bottles of Durex-flavoured lubricants and a blindfold, inviting you to explore new realms of pleasure,which could take your intimate moments to new heights.


First, meet the Durex Cherry Water-Based Lube: This luscious lubricant boasts a seductive cherry aroma that invigorates the senses. The Durex Cherry Lube is friendly for your skin and body and respects your intimate balance. As you apply a small amount, the carefully curated formula glides effortlessly, creating a sensuous layer that helps enhance intimacy and complements the body’s own moisture. The cherry flavour adds a playful twist, tantalising taste buds and heightening pleasure, helping make every encounter a delectable experience.

Next, discover the Durex Strawberry Water-Based Lube: It’s time for juicy-juicy, fruity-fruity fun. Enjoy strawberry flavours to tantalise your tastebuds… And everything else too. Immerse yourself in the sweet and juicy fragrance of strawberries as you experience the indulgence of this lubricant. Crafted with care, the gel glides effortlessly, helping to enable seamless intimacy and heightened sensations. The delightful strawberry flavour adds a twist to your intimate encounters, inviting you to explore new realms of pleasure.

Both Durex lubricants are formulated to be water-based and made from high-quality ingredients ensuring compatibility with condoms and sex toys while being easy to clean. They are also dermatologically tested, pH friendly ensuring they are gentle on the skin, and come in a convenient 100ml size that is perfect for travel or discreet storage.

Finally, the Durex Pleasure Ring Sex Toy: It adds an exciting twist to your playtime. Made from smooth and stretchy materials, this ring comfortably fits around the base of the penis, enhancing your erection. With thrilling textures, this pleasure ring intensifies sensations, heightening pleasure and prolonging enjoyment. Say yes to more pleasure. Yes, to lasting longer. Yes, to more intensity. Explore all the pleasure your body can give you.

The PlayBox also includes a blindfold to amplify the anticipation and create an atmosphere of mystery. Crafted with soft and comfortable materials, this blindfold allows you to indulge in the thrill of sensory deprivation. Heighten your partner's senses as you take control and guide them through an exhilarating journey of touch and pleasure.

With the Durex Blow PlayBox, you have everything you need to help elevate your intimate experiences to new dimensions of pleasure. Embark on a sensual journey and savour the flavours of passion with these tantalising lubricants from Durex.

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