Anal PlayBox*

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Durex UK Occasion Box Anal PlayBox*
Durex UK Bundles Anal PlayBox Worth £33! complete with Silicone Handcuffs!
Durex UK Bundles Anal PlayBox
Durex UK Bundles Anal PlayBox
Durex UK Occasion Box Anal PlayBox*



The Butt won’t lube itself. Truth is, anal sex shouldn’t be painful. Anal sex isn’t really something you just slide into. Like we said the butt won’t lube itself. Make sure you use enough lube, it really does help make sex feel even better. You can start slow. Try experimenting with a finger or sex toy, if you or your partner(s) feel uncomfortable, try different positions, or add a bit little bit more lube.

Step into a world of thrilling exploration and pleasure with the Durex Anal PlayBox. This carefully curated collection of essentials makes backside experience easy and fun and adds an element of excitement to your intimate moments. Open the discreet and stylish packaging to discover a range of products crafted with your pleasure and safety in mind.


The Durex Nude Regular Fit Condoms take centre stage in this box: With a pack of 12, these condoms offer a reliable fit. Designed to maximise sensations, Nude is our thinnest condom yet. They provide a layer of protection and made from transparent natural rubber latex are easy on and teat-ended for true comfort and confidence during your encounters.

Complementing the condoms is the Durex Perfect Glide Silicone-Based Lube 50ml: Encased in a sleek and easy-to-use bottle, this lube is formulated with a smooth silicone base which helps alleviate intimate discomfort associated with vaginal dryness and makes sex slippery for longer. Silicone lubes are one of the best for cheeky play because they last longer between applications and don’t dry out easily, giving you more time to focus on each other’s pleasure and stay in the moment. As you apply a small amount, the silky smooth and warm-to-touch texture glides effortlessly providing more pleasure, less pause. The high-quality ingredients are designed to help ease discomfort, while allowing for a long-lasting lubrication for more pleasure and enjoyment. Compatibility: Natural Rubber Latex condoms / Polyisoprene condoms / Polyurethane condoms / Non-silicone sex toys

To add an element of exploration and restraint, the Durex Anal PlayBox also includes a set of quickie cuffs. Made from durable and comfortable materials, these handcuffs allow you to indulge in the excitement of light bondage and power play. Explore new levels of trust and intimacy as you and your partner take turns exploring the depths of pleasure and surrender.

The Durex Anal PlayBox is thoughtfully designed to cater to your desires, providing the essential components needed for a fulfilling anal play experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced explorer, this box is can help enhance your encounters and open the doors to new realms of pleasure. Embrace your desires, push your boundaries, and let Durex be your trusted companion on your journey of intimate exploration..

*Bundled products should not be used together.

Always read the instructions. RKT-M-27823

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