Durex UK [no-export] Mutual Pleasure PlayBox
Durex UK [no-export] Mutual Pleasure PlayBox
Durex UK [no-export] Mutual Pleasure PlayBox
Durex UK [no-export] Mutual Pleasure PlayBox
Durex UK [no-export] Mutual Pleasure PlayBox
Durex UK [no-export] Mutual Pleasure PlayBox
Durex UK [no-export] Mutual Pleasure PlayBox

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Mutual Pleasure PlayBox

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  • Durex play little devil vibrating ring sex toy
  • Durex intense orgasmic gel
  • Durex mutual climax condoms
  • Sex position cards
Some things are better together. Like wrapping your body around another, twisting, pumping, moving together in perfect harmony. Our Mutual Pleasure PlayBox is chock full of everything you need to help you come to a shuddering, mind-bending climax together.

In the box, you’ll find our Durex Devil Ring, Intense Orgasmic Gel, Sex Position Cards, and Mutual Climax condoms. The Devil ring is a vibrating, pleasure-bringing silicone ring that slips around your penis. While you slip the devil ring onto the penis, apply a generous amount of Intense Orgasmic Gel to the clitoris for an intense, orgasmic experience. Sex position cards bring you 52 different positions, one for every week of the year. We’ve rounded the PlayBox off with Mutual Climax condoms to help get you and your partner(s) into synchronized bliss.

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Over 60% of women don’t orgasm every time they have sex. We want to change that. To help, we have included a bottle of Intense Orgasmic Gel. This tingling, warming, cooling gel will help bring you to the edge of elation, and keep you there.

Then we have our toys. The Durex Devil ring is a devilishly pleasurable little toy with horns on top for vagina owners and a vibrating silicone ring for penis owners. The closer you are, the more stimulation you will receive together.

The A Year Of Sex! card game has 52 cards in it, one for each week of the year. Each deck contains three card games. You build your fantasy while playing the game, with a staggering 100,000 possible options. Each card represents a foreplay activity or sexual position. After building your fantasy, you get to act it out with your partner(s).

Durex Mutual Climax condoms with Performa lube and a ribbed and dotted exterior are designed to slow him down and speed her up. Together with the Devil Ring, you have the potential for a whole year of great sex.


Durex play little devil vibrating ring sex toy

Battery: 2x alkaline button cell batteries included / Not replaceable

Duration: Up to 30 minutes

Material: Stretch-to-fit

Vibration: Powerful

Volume: Whisper-quiet and discreet

Durex intense orgasmic gel

Type: Stimulating gel / Water based / Non-staining

Ingredients: High quality ingredients

Compatibility: Natural Rubber Latex condoms / Polyisoprene condoms / Durex sex toys

Durex mutual climax condoms

Fit: Regular. Easy-On

Thickness: Thick

Lube: Performa™ Silicone lube

Latex: Transparent natural rubber latex

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