The Right Way To Rebound Sex

It’s easy when going through a break-up to run straight into the arms of another for comfort and distraction. With a recent break-up leaving you lonely and your libido unsatisfied, finding a new playmate could be just what you need. However, when it comes to rebounding with someone new, there are certain rules you must know. Here are 5 tips to help guide you through the interesting world of rebound sex.

Respect Feelings

Be careful when choosing who you want to rebound with. Despite your emotions flaring high and sexual attraction reaching its ultimate peak, going for someone you fancied for ages or an ex because it seems easier than finding someone new may be counteractive of getting over your past relationships. A rebound is supposed to be fun, leaving both you and your new partner a chance to have fun with one another without any strings attached. To ensure you get the most of your arrangement, don’t choose anyone who you would hurt along the way and make sure to explain your situation from the very beginning.
The Right Way To Rebound Sex

Don’t Flaunt It

Referring to the point above, your rebound is for you. So don’t try to make ex’s jealous and flaunt your new fling in front of them. You want to avoid any unnecessary drama or heartbreak, so if your ex drops by to pick up any final possessions, be respectful and ensure you have removed any trace of a new lover.

Explore New Things

A new sexual partner means the opportunity to try new things. Even if the pleasure is just for the evening, ensure it is intensified with our range of sex toys. Whether you want to take time exploring yourself or partner, want to add a bit of thrill to your love making session, incorporating a variety of toys can help liven things up in the bedroom for you two.

Protect Yourself

If you decide rebound sex is the route for you, then it’s important that you and your new partner practice safe sex. Make sure that you’re always prepared with condoms to protect yourself from any STI’s or unplanned pregnancies, and if you at any point have any concerns, remember to visit your GP provider as soon as possible.

Don’t Get Too Attached

Developing feelings with your new partner should be furthest thing from your mind if you can help it. Starting a new relationship based solely on physical intimacy is not a great foundation for a long-term relationship if that is something you want to pursue again. Instead, if you are just looking to have fun, make sure that you are mentally and emotionally prepared. Hurting yourself and someone in the process after post-break can leave you feeling very vulnerable, causing more damage than good.

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