Don't let boring sex follow you and your partner into the new year! Whether you've always wanted to try something new or want to spice up your bedroom routine with exciting sex positions, here are a few sex positions that you and your partner need to try this new year.

The Wheelbarrow

Begin by your partner sitting in a low chair or on the edge of the bed as you straddle him in a kneeling position facing away from him. Once your partner has penetrated you, move your body back and forth as your partner thrusts into you. Your partner can use his free hands to hold onto your breasts or his fingers to stimulate your clitoris for increased pleasure. As you and your partner feel more comfortable and confident, lean forward so that both of your hands are touching the floor as your partner pulls your legs around him so that your legs are wrapped around his waist. Not only does this position allow for deeper penetration, it gives your partner a great view. If your arms begin to get tired, get into a kneeling position on the floor and finish off in a traditional doggie style.

The Flatiron

Start by laying on your stomach with your bottom raised slightly in the air as your partner straddles you from behind and leans forward as if he's lying on top of you. As your partner penetrates you, squeeze your legs together for a tighter and more pleasurable sensation. The tightness forces your partner to keep his thrusts short and shallow giving your clitoris immediate stimulation. If you want to spice up your lovemaking even further, you can add a sex toy to the festivities for an incredible sensation that both of you will enjoy.

X Marks the Spot

Lay back on any soft surface with a pillow placed under your head for maximum comfort. Bring your knees up to your chests and cross your legs at your ankles as your guy kneels width-apart in front of you. Make sure to keep your thighs closely together as you gently press your feet against his chest as he enters you. Use your free hands to caress your partner's thighs or touch your breasts as he moves back and forth with steady, sultry thrusts. To create even more jaw-dropping friction, contract your pelvic muscles which when tightened can increase his pleasure by squeezing his penis, creating the perfect tension for an orgasmic bliss.

Couple having sex

V for Vixen

This may be a difficult position to get into, but the pleasurable experience will be worth it. Begin by sitting on a counter with your partner facing you with slightly bent knees spaced hip-width apart. With your arms around his neck make sure that his arms are wrapped around your lower back as you slowly raise your right and left legs onto his shoulders. As your partner thrusts into you, the both of you can maintain eye contact for heightened pleasure.


Get into the ultimate mood with your partner for the ultimate sexual dalliance. Have your partner lie down on the bed as you mount him. Your arms should be stretched behind you to support your weight as your legs are wrapped around his waist; while your partner grips your waist with his thighs as he thrusts into you. Great for shallow penetration, this position allows for your partner to tease the outer part of your vagina. Add a water-based lube towards the entrance of the vagina to increase sensitivity in that area for a pleasurable experience.

The Wallflower

As the name suggests, you use the wall for support in this position. The woman stands side-on to the wall, raising the leg that's furthest away from it. The man then stands in between her thighs, facing the wall, supporting the woman's raised leg with his hand. His thigh will rub against the woman's clit as he thrusts, and she can press against the wall to push back and deepen penetration.

Prima Ballerina

If the Wallflower is a little too much of a stretch for you, Prima Ballerina is an easier standing sex position. The woman stands facing the wall, bending over to brace her arms against it and lifting one leg. The man then slides in from behind, holding on to the woman's hips to help her balance, and thrusts away. Penetration is deep, and the man has a more intimate view, which is sure to put a smile on his face.

L is for Loving

If you prefer a bed-based position, L is for Loving is simple but passionate. The woman lies on her back, raising her leg in the air as high as it will go. The man then kneels between her legs and slides inside, lifting her hips with his hands to make penetration easier. If the woman gets tired of raising her leg, she can rest it against the man's chest for support. This position offers deep penetration and easy access for the man to caress the woman and vice versa.



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