What to pack for your romantic getaway

What to consider when taking love on the road…

Is there anything better than going on holiday? The sun, the sea, the sand, the food… couple all these things together and you’re in for a trip to remember.

Of course, deciding what to pack can be a nightmare before you’ve even got to your destination, especially if you’re planning on taking some of your sex aids away with you.

Whether it be condoms, lubes, or sex toys, there are certain rules you need to follow to avoid that embarrassing suitcase reveal at the airport or ferry terminal. With increasingly stringent baggage checks taking place and the suitcase weight limit in the back of your mind, just getting on the plane can be a stressful experience.

At Durex, we’ve put together some helpful advice about what to bear in mind should you be thinking of taking a romantic getaway with each other. Holiday sex here you come!

It’s best to first look at some holiday packing tips to get the most out of your limited storage space. After all, if you’re going on a plane, you’re likely to get between 15kg and 22kg in baggage allowance and that disappears very quickly with items like shoes and cosmetics.

  • Be Ruthless: You have such limited space that it’s best to pack just a few essential items that will last the entire trip. Whether you’re going swimming, hiking, or spending days by the beach, just pack what you feel is necessary rather than going overboard. 
  • Invest in Your Suitcase: Bigger isn’t always better, and this definitely applies to suitcases. The best thing you can do is invest in a lightweight suitcase or bag. It may seem ridiculous, but you need to save as many of those precious kilos as possible. 
  • Wear Your Heavy Clothes: Yes, you heard that right. If you wear the heaviest of your clothes on the plane, you’re going to save weight in your baggage, meaning you can take with you the things you thought you might have to leave at home. 
  • Remember the Essentials: You know what we’re talking about: passport, travel insurance documents, boarding cards, mobile phone, accommodation documentation, and of course, that all-important foreign currency. The holiday essentials. 


The short answer is yes, and it’s not just on planes. Condoms can be taken on ferries, coaches, or any other mode of transport you require to reach your destination. For air travel, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking condoms in both your checked luggage and carry-on, and there’s no need to be embarrassed either. It’s important to remember however that they need to be stored correctly in transit to retain their effectiveness.

In this respect, the cargo hold of a plane might fluctuate in temperature throughout a long-haul flight, so if you can, keep them in your hand luggage where there is less likely to be such an extreme change in temperature throughout your journey.


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Yes. If you’re wishing to take lubes in your hand luggage then remember that due to anti-terrorism laws, you are required to bring with you no liquids that are above 100ml in volume. Therefore, you could pack a 100ml bottle of Durex Play Feel Gel Lube, which is hand luggage friendly!

It’s worth remembering however that your main suitcase doesn’t have such restrictions and you are more than able to take larger bottles of lubricant with you in your checked luggage. Passengers can take up to 10 containers in their hand luggage.


Whether or not you want to take a vibrator in checked luggage or a more discreet sex toy with you in your carry-on, there are a couple of points that you need to make sure you have addressed. At the end of the day, we’re all human, and sexual urges come to us at the most unexpected times - including over the holiday.

The general rule is that as long as you can turn the device on when instructed to do so by an airport security official, the item will be allowed on board. If you can’t prove that the sex toy is harmless, it can be removed from your luggage and destroyed.

The answer is to keep all intimate items inside your checked suitcase, in a clear plastic bag if possible. This is not only more hygienic, but in the event of a random bag search, it saves the customs officer from having to handle all of your sex aids. It’s worth noting that UK luggage restrictions state that any ‘tools’ need to be under 6cm in size. Whether vibrators fall into that category is up for debate, but it’s something to think about when choosing which of your toys to bring on holiday with you.

Finally, be aware of any laws or restrictions in the country you are travelling to. In India, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, sex toys are illegal while in many other parts of the world including parts of Africa and Asia, it is illegal to be gay or lesbian. Always check local laws before flying! Keep these things in mind when booking your trip.


So, you’ve arrived at your destination; the weather is wonderful, and your hotel or villa is everything you could have dreamed of. If this is your first holiday together, the mood might take you to a place of love at some point during your trip, if you get our drift.

The excitement of being in a new place also brings with it some different possibilities. Whether you want to spice things up with hotel sex or shower sex, getting frisky on holiday can be such a rush, especially in the early stages of a relationship.

Like taking sex toys on holiday, be sure of any rules surrounding public displays of affection in your destination country. Keeping your love contained within your hotel room is a sure-fire way of keeping yourselves safe. Just be wary that hotel walls are notoriously thin! 

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