How to give the best head of your life on a penis

Giving head can be intimidating at times, but no need to worry, we’ve got you. Here's our guide to giving the best head of your life to a penis. Every penis is different, but there are some go-to guidelines that should help you.

1: Talk to your partner.

We want this to be pleasurable for both of you, so communicate with your partner(s) up front. Ask them what they like and what they don’t. Don’t be embarrassed. Be open and genuinely curious. They may be hesitant to tell you what they’re into unless you ask them, so make them feel comfortable with speaking to you about their preferences.

2: Get to know the penis that's in your mouth.

While there are certain techniques that are bound to be a crowd pleaser (we’ll get into these), everybody is different and has specific things they like and dislike. So take your time, test things out and assess their reaction (moan usually equals good).

3: Actually be in the mood to give head. ​

This might sound weird, but giving head is for your pleasure too. Don’t see it as a chore that needs to be done, or if that’s how it’s feeling then don’t do it. The receiver will enjoy it more seeing that you’re enjoying yourself, and that’s when you’re actually going to give an A+ performance.

4: Lube, and lots of it. 

This one is pretty self explanatory. Saliva can help lubricate during oral sex, so whenever you feel a build up in your mouth, spit on it. The messier, the better. But better yet, you can make your life easier by incorporating one of our fruity lubes, like our saucy strawberry or our cheeky cherry?

5: Suck the tip (but not too much).​

The general motion is up and down, but you can also pay special attention to certain areas. The most sensitive part of the penis is near the head, so you may want to spend some time here. But not too much time as overstimulation might start to feel uncomfortable. Keep mixing it up.

6: The balls.

Another area to pay attention to. This isn’t for everyone, so we refer you back to point 1: communicate. But if your partner is into it then play with them, suck them and go wild.

7: No teeth, by any means.

To avoid discomfort, steer clear of using teeth.

8: Eye contact.

You might think you look weird from that angle, but I guarantee you, you don’t. So don’t be afraid to look up from time to time, most people like it.

9: Hand/mouth combo.

Some people like it when you use your hand simultaneously. So grab the base, and flick your wrist like you’re grinding pepper. Just not too hard.

And there you have it to giving head. Have fun! And let us know if you found this useful.

Always read the instructions.


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