Why you should try a Masturbation Sleeve?

Slide & Ride into your next climax

Masturbation has always had its stigmas. And it can play a huge part in our perception of self-stimulation and the outlook on sex lives in general. Male masturbatory sleeves in particular are often seen as taboo and we’re here to help change that. Whether you’ve tried a sleeve once before, use them regularly, or it’s your first time even hearing about them, we want to offer you some insight into what they have to offer.

What is a masturbation sleeve?

Think of it like a helping hand for your hands. A masturbation sleeve allows you to enhance your solo moment or bring an extra element of play with a partner. The Slide & Ride Masturbation Sleeve is made of a high-quality soft thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) – soft to the touch for a sensual experience.

Why is it better than your hands?

You’ve got your trusty hands, and you know what you’re doing with them. But it might be time to up the ante. With a soft, stretchy, textured and dotted feel, the Slide & Ride Masturbation Sleeve opens up a rollercoaster of pleasure that takes your moment that one step further.

For playtime it can be paired with any Durex water-based lube which can enhance pleasure*. Explore the sleeve at your own pace to build up to a toe-curling climax.

Why choose a masturbation sleeve?

Mostly, they’re there to make things feel better. And who doesn’t want to elevate their masturbation moments?

With a masturbation sleeve you can get the feel of a partner, while still having all the control to mould it the way you like it. Using a masturbation sleeve can also build self-esteem and enhance intimate relationships.

Slide your way into even more pleasure and enhance any moment.

Toy advice, techniques and tips

If you’ve picked up a masturbation sleeve but aren’t sure exactly how to use it, here are our handy tips to help you get the most out of your toy.

- Lubricate inside and at the entry point with Durex water-based lube
- Take it with you wherever you go – its small, discreet size is perfect for holiday
- Keep it by the shower or bath for enhanced partner play
- Gift it in the sleek silky bag for a sensual present
- Keep it clean – always clean thoroughly before and after each use
- Make sure to flip inside out and rinse in warm water using a mild soap before drying with a lint-free cloth or towel

For more masturbation tips, check out our guide to self-love here.

More sexploration, more pleasure.

*Durex water-based vs. other water-based lubes. Tested for vaginal dryness & painful sex.

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