The Basics You Should Know to Enjoy Gay Sex

The Basics You Should Know to Enjoy Gay Sex | Durex UK

Gay sex basics – all you should know and more.


There’s no golden rule of gay sex, any more than there is with straight sex. Everyone has their own desires. However, understanding the basics can help ensure you have the most satisfying time with your partner(s).

Everyone has their own desires.


Don’t Ass-ume

Many people may automatically equate gay sex with anal sex but not everyone who is gay might enjoy anal sex (and indeed, many straight people do enjoy it). Sexuality is no indication of specific sexual preferences. Always ask your partner(s) what they’re into rather than thinking they’ll enjoy the same things that you do.

Be Safe

Something to spread; 1 in 2 of the population have never been tested for STDs. You should always ensure you practice safety when it comes to Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) and encourage open communication between you and your partner(s).

Oral transmission of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) is a concern for those who are sexually active, including gonorrhoea and syphilis, so condoms aren’t just for anal sex. Ensure you have condoms to stay safe, and that you’re always fully equipped.

Something to spread; 1 in 2 of the population have never been tested for STDs

Be Sexy

There’s no need for condoms to be boring. Try using flavoured condoms for oral sex and use one hand to caress your man’s balls while the other slips the condom in place.

Be Secure

Penises vary in girth and shape but if you compare yourself to your partner(s), it’s unlikely to lead to a fun time in bed. Whether you’re bigger or smaller than your lover(s) doesn’t matter it’s the fun you can have together that counts.

Be Confident

Come prepared with condoms to protect you against STI’s when having sex. Your safety is important so be confident, and don’t be afraid to communicate this with your partner(s).

Use Lube

Sex is better with lube. Great for massage and hand jobs, lube is also essential if you want to explore anal play.

Explore Techniques

Just because you like something, it doesn’t mean others will. Try different oral techniques and ways of using your hands to pleasure one another.

Masturbate Together

Self-pleasure allows you the freedom to explore what feels good and when you masturbate together you can see exactly what floats your boat.

Go Slow

Diving straight into anal sex without warming up first will have the same sphincter-clenching effect of jumping into an ice-cold lake.

Allow yourselves time to get adequately aroused to help relax those tense muscles and get you primed for play.

Get Into Position

Most sex positions can work for anal with a few little adjustments. Here are some good starter positions:

  • Doggy style is an anal sex go to as it gives the penetrating partner easy access and the receptive party the ability to lower or raise their bottom.
  • Reverse missionary, with the receiver lying on their front and the giving partner on top, is another option to go for. The closeness of this position allows for caressing on the neck and some hot and heavy breathing.
  • Missionary also works for anal, especially if you use a pillow or wedge to adjust the point of entry.

The Bottom Line

During pleasure your body releases endorphins, especially when you orgasm. These hormones block pain and make you feel good. The good feelings that come with an orgasm happen whether you’re masturbating or having sex.

So, we say why not feel good and let those endorphins loose. As long as you are safe, and all parties involved are comfortable – enjoy the nature of the game.

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