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Pleasure Gels: Ignite the senses


Pleasure gels and lubricants can improve sex in several ways. They reduce friction, making everything a little more… slippery, and a lot more fun. Coupled with the added sensations some pleasure gels can bring (Warming, Cooling, or Tingling) lubrication can really ramp up the excitement at play time.

Let your senses guide you in as we jump into lubes and and pleasure gels below.

Something for everyone

Personal lubricant is a gel or liquid applied to the genitals during sex to help increase lubrication. This prevents unwanted friction that could make sex uncomfortable or even painful, especially if you are experiencing vaginal dryness or having anal sex.

Lubricants can and is used by all, regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation, it can be used for great masturbation sessions as well. Apply it to your sexy bits or use some with a sex toy. Lube can be water-, oil- or silicone-based, just make sure that you’re using one that’s suitable for you, your partner(s), and any toys that you are using.

Even if you don’t experience discomfort during sex, lube can be a fun and pleasurable addition to foreplay as well as the main event.

Time to get wet

Lubes come in three forms, water based, oil based and silicone. Water based are the most common, and both these and silicone lube can be used with condoms safely. Oil based is more slippery. You can personalise your experience further by choosing pleasure gels that warm, cool, or even have different tastes. They can all bring some extra spice to playtime, so have fun experimenting to find out what works for you.

Spoilt for choice

Trying something new like lube and pleasure gels is a great way to add to your sexy time! Lubricants do add pleasure to every touch. Take it slowly and have fun with it, we think you’ll find that they can help you find new and exciting ways to enhance your pleasure, in ways that you might not have expected – you might discover that these added sensations are something that can heighten your senses making for a fully body experience!

Something for everyone

And to “whet” your appetite, we’ve listed some benefits of lubes and pleasure gels below.

  1. More comfortable: during longer sessions, you or your partner(s) may begin to feel a little uncomfortable. Lubrication helps to bring the moisture back, so apply it when things start to feel a little dry and you can get right back to where you were. 
  2. More intense: since pleasure gels can add the intense sensations of hot or cold, there are lots of options for how you can introduce these into your sex life. You might experience new feelings and discover a whole other level of pleasure.
  3. Reduce Friction: With the friction reduced, the feeling of sex can completely change.
  4. New Tastes: Using your mouth to give pleasure to someone can make oral that much more delectable.
  5. Relax Into It: Massage gels are great for long luxurious massages. Taking time to rub yourself while masturbating or getting someone to give you a sensual massages can help you relax, not to mention feel sexy!

The bottom line

As lubrication reduces friction, the less chance of discomfort during sex. If you’re using condoms, lube also can reduce the risk of breakage. Therefore, increasing protection against STIs and HIV. Ensure you’re using a water or silicone-based lube with latex condoms.

Whether you're enjoying penetrative vaginal sex, anal sex, mutual masturbation, or some self-love, there's a lube waiting for you to explore 

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