Things you need to know about tribbing

Let’s come to grips with it!

If you’re new to the world of lesbian sex, you might not be familiar with “tribbing

– yet it is one of the most common forms of stimulation for lesbian women. Tribbing, or tribadism”, is often used as a synonym for scissoring. But, there’s a slight difference in meaning between the terms.

So what exactly is tribbing? Who does it? And what does it feel like? No question is a silly question, as we answer your FAQs in our introduction to tribbing.


Tribbing is broadly defined as the act of rubbing your genitals against your partner’s genitals with the aim being to elicit pleasure. Tribbing can be practiced in several different positions, so if you’re thinking about trying tribbing for the first time, it really is just about finding what works for you and your partner(s).


The term tribbing, or tribadism, derives from the Greek word tribas meaning to rub. Nowadays tribbing largely refers to a rubbing or grinding motion of the genitals against a partner’s genitals during a sexual encounter.


Get tribbing right and it can be a really fulfilling and intimate act. Depending on the type of tribbing you engage in – i.e. who is rubbing what and where – with enough practice, you may even find a way to achieve mutual satisfaction together.

You may find that, although tribbing helps you achieve a pleasurable feeling, you might not able to achieve orgasm with tribbing. This is perfectly fine. Instead, try using tribbing first, then moving on to oral, or the introduction of sex toys when you want to head towards a climax.


Tribbing is often mistakenly used as a synonym for scissoring, however, scissoring is only one small element of tribbing – there are many other variations of tribbing. Tribbing is the sexual act – while scissoring is merely a specific position.

In the case of scissoring, this usually involves you and your partner(s) rubbing your vulvas together to achieve mutual stimulation in a scissor position. Due to the logistics of the act of scissoring, it can be quite difficult to come without a bit of practice.


When it comes to how to perform tribadism, there are several positions you can try, ranging from the basic, to the more complex. Here are a few tribbing positions that are great to try:

  1. Missionary
  2. Scissoring
  3. Thigh hump


The missionary position is a great place to start for those with less experience with tribbing. The position not only allows for mutual stimulation, but it leaves plenty of opportunities for kissing and intimate touching.

The position works as missionary usually would. However, the partner on top is slightly off centre allowing both your legs to intertwine. This allows stimulation of you and your partner(s) vulva against the top of each other’s leg.

There is a variant of the missionary position that can help create vulva-to-vulva contact - however, this is slightly more advanced and a lot more difficult to achieve for tribbing beginners.


Scissoring is a great way to achieve mutual vulval stimulation. The scissoring position can be achieved by laying top-to-tail with your legs on either side of your partner, thereby allowing your vulvas to come into contact.

Although it can be easy to achieve the initial mutual stimulation fairly easy, it will likely take a little bit of time and practice when it comes to reaching orgasm with scissoring, especially if you are working toward a mutual climax.


The partner on top simply moves slightly to the side so that their vulva is in contact with the thigh or upper leg of the partner laying flat.

The partner on top may find it quite easy to build up to orgasm by grinding against their partner, and it also allows the partner lying flat to explore the other’s body.

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