Bear or bare?

When it comes to what’s hot and what’s not, it totally depends on what you and your partner find attractive. Your partner might have a preference (and it’s good to know what theirs is) but always remember – there’s no right or wrong. It’s your body, your call.

If you like the idea of trimming your pubic hair, or even getting rid of every scrap of body hair, go for it. Trends come and go but, according to a recent survey, 66.5% of men and 85.3% of women in the US say they’ve removed or groomed pubic hair at some point in their lives1.

There are pros and cons to hair removal. Some men and women say they groom their pubic hair because it makes them feel cleaner. Others say it makes oral sex easier2.

If you decide to brave the shave purely for hygiene reasons, it’s worth knowing that pubic hair actually has a purpose. It provides a barrier against potentially harmful bacteria and viruses3. You should also bear in mind that, for some people, regular shaving can lead to skin irritation and damage.

With that in mind, and before you book a Brazilian or commit to a ‘back, crack and sack’, think about how much time and money you’re prepared to invest – and read up on the different methods you can use (eg waxing, shaving, electric trimmers). Hair grows back and the more you get rid of, the more time and money you’ll have to spend getting rid of it again. How high maintenance do you really want to be?

Are you a Big Bush or a Bermuda Triangle? Find about more about Lady Gardening: 6 Pubic Hair Styles for Women.





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