7 Foreplay Tips To Drive Them Wild

Turn up the tension, turn down the lights and let’s talk foreplay


So, you’ve set the mood, the chemistry is right, and the consent couldn’t be any more enthusiastic. Sometimes, that slow and sensual build-up can be just as, if not more, enjoyable than the acts of sex themselves. From the passion, suspense, and anticipation of what’s to come, to the wild eyes and wandering hands as you start to undress each other, there are many ways in which foreplay can be the main attraction.

Before we dive in, just remember – the hottest thing you can do is what feels right for you and your partner(s). Experiment a little to find what works for both of you. There are many ways to set the sexual tone and no right way to do it; so, whether you’re a first-timer or looking to try something different, here are 7 foreplay tips to get you started.

Experiment a little to find what works for both of you.

1. Start with a head massage

Not that kind of head. We’re talking about the sensitive, easily stimulated scalp that is home to many sexual touchpoints you can activate fairly easily. Let your hands gently caress their head with slow, circular movements to start building that up close, sexual connection.

Once you’re done with the scalp, you can slowly work your way towards the neck and shoulder area, gently rubbing and feeling their body. Massage gels, oils, and flavoured products can elevate the sensual experience too. (Just always read the advice on the pack and don’t use any non-compatible oils or lubricants on our condoms or toys.) With massages, use light pressure - you don’t need to work out all the knots, that’ll come later.

2. Gently stroke their thigh

It’s not just the scalp where you’ll find some sensual touchpoints. A big part of foreplay is the anticipation of what’s to come. Gently stroking or lightly gripping their thigh is a great way to start building that feeling.

Perhaps you’ll want to use your fingertips to trace up their leg and stop just before you reach the top? Don’t be afraid to tease them a little while you feel them. Or maintain some eye contact while you move your hands, letting your fingers do all the talking.

3. Undress them with your eyes

Whether your clothes are on or off, undressing your partner with your eyes can be a simple way to add a little sexual tension and suggestion. During sex, eye contact can be very erotic whilst adding a sense of intimacy to the moment. During foreplay, you can use the same technique to a similar effect. 

Start by locking eyes with your partner, then move your gaze down their body. As you do this, you may want to lean into them a little. If they’re wearing clothes, begin undressing them as you bring your gaze back to theirs. From here, you can move your hands towards their erogenous zones and the eye contact can make it all the more intense. 

4. Perform a striptease 

This is another simple way to add a little drama to your foreplay. With or without music, slowly undressing yourself in front of someone who is already incredibly turned on just by being near you can make it an even more intimate experience for you both. So, there’s no pressure to perform, just do what feels right to you.

Start with one of you sitting on a bed, chair, table – anywhere works. You might want to find some sensual, suitable music (we’d recommend anything with a strong baseline) and keep a little distance between you when you start. As you start to remove more clothes, move closer to your partner, and you’ll feel the energy change.

5. Touch yourselves 

Another way to heat up your night (or day) is by touching yourselves. If you’ve not tried masturbating in front of a partner before, it can feel a little daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Just do what feels comfortable to you and if you want to try it, take it slow and remember to communicate.

Start by gently touching your body. Areas like the nipples are a good place to begin, and then move your hands down. If you want to take things further, with consent, you can place your partner’s hand between your legs and encourage them to feel you too. The Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel can come in handy here, as it’s designed to give her earth-shattering experiences. 

If you’ve not tried masturbating in front of a partner before, it can feel a little daunting, but it doesn’t need to be.

6. Nibble their ears 

This is a little trick to try out during a passionate kiss. Starting at their lips, move your way around to their cheek and then over to their left ear. Blow lightly on their lobes before nibbling, sucking, or licking them gently to increase the stimulation. Gently move your way back to their lips and then make your way to the opposite ear.

The ear lobes have hundreds of nerve endings and are considered by some as an erogenous zone, so this flirty trick is almost guaranteed to give them a thrill. Due to the ear’s sensitivity, you can increase your partner’s pleasure by being as slow and as gentle as possible. 

7. Talk dirty 

Our last tip is all talk – dirty talk, to be specific. This can follow on from the last step or be used at any point that feels right. Whilst teasing their earlobes, take the opportunity to whisper some sweet (or hot) nothings in their ear. Fear not, what you whisper doesn’t have to be rude or obscene. 

By simply telling them that you want them, or that you love how they feel, you might start to feel their heart rate race. Including sex talk can really heighten the sexual tension, so if you’re looking for some more guidance on things you can say, check out our ultimate guide on how to talk dirty. 

The last thing to remember is to take it slow, feel the moment and do you. And consider having some condoms on hand for when the need arises. 

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