Eat Your Way To Amazing Sex

From kitchen to bedroom

Food is one of the best known aphrodisiacs there is and introducing different flavours to the bedroom is a great way to spice up your love life.

If the idea of smearing chocolate body paint over you and your lover or using real food sounds too messy though, there are plenty of other ways you can eat your way to amazing sex.

Have a romantic meal

To kick things off try arranging a romantic meal with your partner. Sex is about more than physical contact, it’s about complete and utter intimacy so reconnect with your lover by sharing a candle-lit dinner with them.

Certain foods are considered more romantic than others and there are a few go-to favourites you can try to get both of you in the mood. Oysters are a popular aphrodisiac, as is asparagus and both make a great starter while strawberries dipped in melted chocolate & delicious cream are the perfect dessert that can carry you straight to bedroom.

Why are certain foods thought to act as an aphrodisiac?

Although there may not be any hard scientific evidence to back up the claims, there are a whole host of foods that reportedly act as aphrodisiacs. Some simply because of their shape and some because of their aromas and tastes containing certain chemicals that activate sexual triggers. Honey, avocados and figs are popular and healthy aphrodisiac foods, while some more unusual options include chilli peppers, nutmeg and ginger.

A few precautions

With a three-course meal fuelling your sexual appetite, it’s time to bring food into the bedroom. There are plenty of ways you can use the smells, textures and tastes of different foods to arouse each other and having your partner spread, lick and nibble tasty treats from your body can be an intoxicating experience.

Some basic precautions do need to be taken though. Never use foods that are too hot or too cold as they may cause damage such as burns and think carefully about what you eat before lovemaking too. Certain foods are known to affect how we taste to our partners so if you plan on enjoying oral sex then spare a though for your partner and avoid spicy or strong flavoured foods.

Fruits, such as kiwi and strawberry, are often considered to give the best tastes and if you’re the one doing the tasting then eating a couple of mints beforehand can help stimulate your partner thanks to the peppermint.

Taste without the food

If you’re worried about the mess of bringing food into the bedroom then why not play it safe with flavoured lubes? Durex sell a great selection including cheeky cherry and soothing aloe vera so you’re sure to find a product to suit.

Flavoured lubes will not only help you achieve great sex by opening your mind to new flavours and experiences but they can also help with your overall sexual health by ensuring sex is easy and comfortable at all times.

Introducing different tastes and flavours into your love-making is one of the most common pieces of relationship advice but it doesn’t have to mean grabbing punnets of strawberries and tubs of fresh cream. Flavoured lubes can give you the same great tastes that allow you to eat your way to great sex but with far less mess.


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